The Early Bird…

Scott & Stephanie got an early start to the wedding season – and we were lucky enough to be a part of the day !! Here’s a couple of the pics.


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All Photographs ©2005 Otis & James Photography

The Three Amigo’s

Jamie had the pleasure of attending the recital of Alecia, Abby, and Melissa. I would attempt to explain the music that was played, but I know that I would not spell the composers names correctly (with the exception of Bach), so instead I will impart you with the knowledge that it was an excellent performance!

Here’s some pics.


Travis & Lisa (The Day After…)

The day after a wedding is filled with memories of the day before, thoughts of the future you will share, and if your’re lucky – you might even find some time for mud.

Our Man Travis not only found time, but was able to find himself (and Andy too) in a little too much mud. They were able to get out, and we were able to get a couple of shots of the new groom and truck.


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Edjumication!! Gradumulation!!!

Three lovely grads stopped by the office yesterday. Even though I couldn’t hear anything, it seemed as if we had fun, or at least Jamie assures me we did (there were many smiles). Making a special guest appearance was aspiring/soon to be super-model Jenna! A couple of samples follow – Enjoy!

otis out

All Photographs ©2005 Otis & James Photography

Travis & Lisa

After the Super Donkey Ninja post, we took some much needed time away from all things blogy blog. Not that we were resting on our laurels, as we spent the weekend in Bismarck for the wedding of Travis & Lisa. Not only were we the photographers, but Lisa is the Aunt of our very own Jamie! It was an extravaganza of epic proportions, and what follows are some photographs of the event.

To give you some background, one of the photo’s is of the Bride & Grooom, one is of regular poster to the blog of Otis & James, Becca (with extra special guest Jessie), and one of the photographs is of the band that played at the reception (I have no idea what their name is, but they were really good – and the photo was taken by none other than guest Otis & James photographer and regular poster, REEEEZZZZBECKEEEES). Play the game with us and see if you can match the description to the photograph. Good Luck!

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UPDATE – Here’s a couple more!

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Super Donkey Ninja Breakfast? You bet your laser!

Jamie and I are basking in the orange light of the evening office, Nyquil on our mind. Before we drifted off into our sickened bliss, we were visited by the musician Carrie – be sure to see her perform with the Minot Symphony Orchestra on Saturday April 23rd at 7:30 PM. Be there, or you won’t be there.


All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography


Today was a great day to be in Minot – the weather was absolutely un-freakin-real. Rumor on the streets was that it broke the record high (click here for the proof). We were able to take advantage of this, and had an enjoyable shoot with our old friend, Luke!

Here’s just a teaser of what went down. Enjoy.

All Photographs ©2005 Otis & James Photography

Greetings from Devils Lake

This is being written in the Breakfast Bar of the Comfort Inn, Devils Lake. Why are we in Devils Lake, you may ask; the answer is that we photographed the wedding of Justin & Stacy. The wedding was in Langdon (click here for a map) – and we decided to go through devils lake back home. Long story short, we’re still in Devils Lake – so I decided to put up some pics from yesterdays big event.

We had a great time (we always seem to) – and really liked Langdon. The pictures (in no particular order) are from the big dance, there’s one of the cool Landon Theater marquee (it’s crazy the stuff you will find in small towns), and from when Jamie was convinced that our car was going to sink into the flooded field (I called it a lake) that we were observing. Enjoy!

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