2013 Seniors…Your Time is Now!


2013 Senior Portraits

Class of 2013!  It may only be February…but it’s time to book your Senior Portrait Session!

All of the information is up online & ready for viewing – Just CLICK THIS GIGANTIC LINK for all of the information.  Also, this year we are going to be shaking it up a bit as we will begin booking sessions starting Tuesday February 14th (coincidentally Valentine’s Day – because we love you!)  You, or someone that loves you can call our studio at 701.838.6181 to book a summer session starting on this date.

Also, be sure to check out The Senior Gallery, in case you’re not all that familiar with our work and you want to get to the bottom of what this ‘otis james thing’ is.

Remember, these summer sessions will book quickly – don’t miss out!

Hey now…It’s Austin!

The one-two pictographic punches to your face continue, and this time the jab is taking the form of the one & only Austin!  Now, I could go on for two, three paragraphs, about four hundred words or so, and you could just do like you do for the rest of these blog posts and skip over the words and get to the part when you click on the pictures, and I’m totally OK with that because I know that all that these words do is create interference before you can get to the part when you have fun.

I could do that.

But I won’t.  Instead, we’re just going to thank Austin for stopping down to the FunCenter and giving us some of his sweet & precious time, and to give him MuchLove for this, and to all of our good peeps out there in Land of Blog sailing through your day – Enjoy!

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What’s That? One More? Well, Then…Here’s Gabby!

I know that I’m about ready to give you total and complete mental overload by posting oh so many lovely seniors on one day, but I can’t stop myself.  Can’t stop till I get enough, as the song says.  And I have not had enough yet.  So I’m gonna lay down a heavy groove for you right now.

For those of you that don’t know what a heavy groove is, first of all, I feel bad for you.  Because if you don’t got a heavy groove, you can’t get to the zone.  And if you can’t get to the zone, well then…life will be immeasurably more lame for you.  Because the zone is where all of the magic happens, and if you don’t got a heavy groove to support you, you ain’t never gonna get there.

Case in point:  Gabby.  You see, she came down and laid down a heavy groove.  Something that was guaranteed to get your soul stirred.  And with that groove we were able to make some serious magic happen, and get to the zone.  You still not following what I’m saying?  Then let me lay this down on you in simple terms:  Gabby was freaking awesome.  And that’s a fact.

But you won’t need any of these words to let you know about all of this goodness that I speak of, all you need are the samplesnaps below these words to understand the idea of the heavy groove.  Before you let your soul for a ride into this place, we need to give MuchLove to Gabby for being so incredibly awesome, and we need to let you good people out there in Land of Blog know that it’s time for you to – Enjoy!

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Let’s Take This Thing Higher. It’s Krystal, My Babies!

Think you’ve had your fill of wonderful pictosnaps for one day?  Well I’m about to blow your minds.  Because we’re about to go down a road that leads to Krystaltown, which is a suburb of Awesomeville, which is located in the great state of Gorgeous.  And that is a good place to be.

And how do we wind up in this magical place, you are asking yourselves?  By hopping on the Otis & James Express.  Tickets are free.  All you gotta do is click on the sample images below these støøpid words and you’ll be on your way.  But not yet!  You see, I would be remiss if we didn’t give MuchLove to Krystal for being so incredibly awesome to work with, and for letting us join her on the journey to the center of her universe (I don’t know what that means either, i’m just trying to get my word count up to about 200), and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog just doin’ what you gotta do to get by – Enjoy!

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Let Alexis Brighten Up Your Day!

Are you sitting at work, or at school, and are looking for a way to at minimum burn up some time and hopefully at the same time figure out a way to get out of the mid-afternoon funk that we are are currently in?  Then I’m about to drop the bomb on you.  The A-Bomb.  And I’m not talking atomic, my babies, I’m talking Alexis – because in the same way that the scientists in Los Alamos brightened up the atmosphere with their little gizmo they were working on, Alexis is about to brighten up your day too!  Except without all of the destruction.  Wow.  Kind of boxed myself in with that sentence. So, we’re just going to end this paragraph.

My dear, dear friends of Blogville, I come to you with the good news that on a day that was not all that long ago (time really isn’t all that relevant, you gotta let go of the constraints that hold you back) our lives were brightened up when this lovely lady entered into our lives for her senior pictosnaps.  Right off the bat we had a sneaking suspicion that Alexis was going to be wonderful to work with – and we were right.

She tore it up, she raised the roof, she got down, got up, got her groove on – and made it all look oh, so easy.  But you don’t need to take my word for it, you just need to take a look at the sample pics below to know that I’m telling you the straight dope.  BUT WAIT!  Before you do that, we need to give a big ol’ MuchLove to Alexis for letting us be a small part of her life, and to all you good peeps waiting for the mid-afternoon pick me up – Enjoy!

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McKayla…Come On Down! You’re Next Up In The Never Ending SeniorPictoSnapMadness!

Good Ol’ SeniorPictoSnapMadness.  It’s a condition that afflicts many people.  Well, I really don’t know if it’s a medically recognized condition, or if it really affect anybody other than us peeps in o&j land, but I consider it to be a true, true condition, as I’m pretty sure that I suffer from it.  Or I might be allergic to shellfish.  But enough about me, we’re here tonight, today, this morning, this evening to talk about the absolutely wonderful McKayla!

You see now, my good peeps of blogland and other surrounding communities and villages, there was this time, this day, this moment in time, this run of seconds that turned into minutes that turned into hours that made up a small part of a lifetime, and an even smaller part of the fabric of time itself when the doors of the FunCenter opened up, and in strolled the ever-lovely McKayla as she was in need of so Senior PictoSnaps (that’s an actual industry term, just ask the photographer at school that takes your ID pictures.)

At first it seemed like it was her lucky day, as we just happened to be sitting there waiting for a senior to stroll through our doors so that we could take pictures, but we soon found out that it was us that were lucky, as she was an absolute gem to work with!  But we should put all of these words away, because words never really do anything all that much justice, and we should give MuchLove to McKayla for being so awesome, and we should also tell all you peepin’ peeps out there in Land of Blog to – Enjoy!

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Hangin’ With Breanne!

You know that all I’m trying to do is to come up with the worst/cheesiest blog post titles that I possibly can, right?  I really don’t want any of you good peeps out there reading the titles on these things to think that we’re the kind of photographers that try to be cool but just come across as being weirdly creepy and kind of sad – because they are out there.  I’ve seen them.  I’ve been to their websites, seen their facebook pages.  I’ve died a little on the inside when going through them, but at the same time have been unable to stop looking at them in the same way that it’s hard to drive by a car accident without slowing down just a little bit to see what’s going on.  Man, I really hope that none of you reading these words are in that same boat, feeling the same way about this site as we have felt about those others.  Suddenly, this whole thing turned into a mirror looking into a mirror.  If I knew the keystroke for the infinity sign, I would use it.  Hold on.  I’ll find it…just give me a second here…¡™¢∞§§∞∞…that’s it!  So let’s try that again.  Suddenly, it’s like a mirror looking into a mirror and we’ve gone to ∞.  Mind=blown.

Speaking of Senior Portraits, we had the goodlygreat pleasure of working with the ever-lovely Breanne!  We took these pictures just the other day – we just green-screened all of the backgrounds in.  I kid.  She stopped by the FunCenter this past summerfall (that’s a new term for ‘I’m not sure what season it was) to have her seniorsnaps taken, and take them we did!

As anybody that knows Breanne can attest, she was nothing but pure joy to work with!  And because of that, we would like to thank her for being so wonderful – we would also like to give MuchLove to her, and to all of our friendly peeps keepin’ it real out there in blogland – Enjoy!

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It’s Everett Time.

There have been many good advertising campaigns that state something along the lines of the title of this post.  At first, they started out clever and good, but then after a while when you saw an ad that was all ‘It’s [insert person/place/thing] time’ it mostly implied that whatever ad agency was in charge of creating a new campaign had pretty much given up, or had forgot that they had a deadline and whipped something up in about ten minutes.  Now, I’m not saying that’s how the title to this post came about, I’m just giving you a trip down advertising memory lane.  But you don’t need me for that.  Just watch an episode of Mad Men or something like that.

But we didn’t come here on this fine evening to talk about television or the evils of advertising.  Oh no, my dear friends of blog, we have come here to talk about a time in the not so distant past, but yet long enough ago that there were leaves on the trees and stuff like that, when we had the chance to work with a real class act, the one and only Everett!

As I stated, the man is a class act.  He could have been all, ‘I hate this!  I’m only doing this because my parents are making me!  I hate you!’ and locked himself in the dressing room, but no – he did not do any of that.  In fact, the shoot was a breeze – and the yield was something magically fantastic.  But you don’t need fancy psychedelic words to tell you these things, so instead we will take a moment to give MuchLove to Everett for stopping by o&j for the senior pics, and to all my happy people out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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What Better Way To Start Your Day Than With Kristin!

Does that title even make sense?  Does any of this really make any sense?  If you’ve answered no to both questions, you are not alone.  But I like to amuse myself and come up with these little word ditties about the lovely people that stop by our studio to spent a little QT (that’s ‘quality time’ for you squarez that just don’t get it.  And I know I put a z in there.  That was just an even deeper square test.  Did you pass, or did you fail?) with us.  The lovely individual that I’m going to talk about today?!  It’s Kristin!

Let me tell you a little bit about something that I like to call ‘free market capitalism’…I kid.  But, in a small sense, here’s the story.  Kristin needed some senior pictures taken.  We just happened to have a photographer, equipment, studio, wiener dogs – pretty much everything that allowed us to provide that service for her.  But it was more than just a service.

My friends – the time we spent with this lovely lady were filled with magical and fantastial, with super and natural, with…well, you get the point.  And the point is…she was awesome!  But if you choose not to believe these words, instead take a little bit of time to gaze upon the samplesnaps below.  So, let us close up this meandering word mash and get to the part where we give MuchLove to Kristin for being so awesome, and where we tell all of our happy little people out there in Blogland to – Enjoy!

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The Name Is Brianna. Straight Up. No Jive.

I have a fondness for the word ‘jive.’  I think it has to do with the fact that I used to love to watch the show Good Times when I was a kid.  Which is weird, because according to my official bio, I’m only 24 years old, so that would be impossible.  Because I’m hip.  I’m cool.  I’m not really a 37 year old creep that tries desperately to hold on to some sort of a dream that he can be a part of the world of the young and the lovely, even though the sad reality is that he’s just a couple of years from 40.  Ugh.

I’m sorry.  My mind wandered.  Now, where was I?  Yes…jive!  So here’s the deal.  I’m gonna lay down some sweetlysweet pictosnaps of a lovely lady that goes by the name of Brianna.  And I’m going to do this straight up.  And there’s gonna be no jive.  You dig?  Good.  Now that we’re all on the same wavelength, I think it time to tell you that on a day that was most likely some time ago, the doors of the FunCenter opened up and Brianna briefly stepped into our lives so that we may experience smiles and happiness and rainbows and I’m rambling now.  Regardless, she came into our lives, brightened up our day, and was on her way – but not before she created pixelriffic magic!

Seeing as how I just typed the word ‘pixelriffic’, I think the time is right for us to give MuchLove to Brianna for being so awesome, and to  all you wonderful peeps out there in Blogville just tryin’ to make it through the day – Enjoy!

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