Kaylie. Why You Gotta Be So Awesome?

The title of this post says it all, so I’m just going to stop typing.  Well…alright, I do have a couple more things to say.

First, thank you so much to Kaylie for letting us take her seniorpicturephotosnaps or whatever it is the kïdz are calling them these says, and second – we need to send MuchLove to you for being so wonderful!  And one more thing to the people out there in Blogland looking at these words and pictures and happy colors – Enjoy!


Friday Time! Desirae Time!

Friday is the best day of the week.  This has been proven by scientists.  I don’t have the footnotes for it right now, but if asked I could provide documentation for these statements.  It may take me a while, but I will send you an e.mail to a sketchy web site that will confirm what I have said, and it goes without saying that everything you see on the internet is true.  Duh.

For example, you are about to see the seniorsamplesnap of the lovely Desirae!  And it’s on the internet!  So when I tell you that she came to the otis james thing and had her pictures taken and the results were fantastic – you know it’s true!  Because it says so on the interweb! But you don’t need my silly words to tell you thins, all you gotta do is look at the pic and know that what I speak is the truth, straight up.

So now, my friends, we need to give MuchLove to Desirae for being so awesome and for letting us take some seniorpics, and to all my good people out there in Land of Blog just hoping that spring might have finally sprung – Enjoy!


It’s Time For Some Lorne.

Does anyone here know the time?  You got the time?  You know what time it is? What’s that??  Say what???  It’s time for Lorne??!!  Well then, let’s get down to business.

  • The Date:  Irrelevant.
  • The Place:  The Otis & The James.
  • What Went Down:  Pictosnapping.
  • Why:  Senior.  Needs pics.
  • Results:  Awesome.

That’s how it’s done, my peeps.  No time for dilly-dally, just time to get you the info and then get you the goods.  Before we go rushing off to look at the samplesnap below, we need to give MuchLove to Lorne for letting us be a part of his senior year.  And to all my hard working Peeps of Blog slogging (slogging?) their way through the day – Enjoy!


Allow Me Introduce Lexus!

Just getting going on your big day?  Taking a little break from work or school and checking out the interwebz?  Trying to look busy when in reality you’re just biding your time until something is due from you again?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  Because below these words is a superawesomesamplesnap from the ever-lovely Lexus!

Ohhh, sometimes the doors of the FunCenter open up and into our lives prances (prances?) pure happiness & beauty!  Like the day when Lexus strolled in, or like every day when I prance in (it’s kind of a weird sight…me, that is.)  Back to the topic of this world jumble – Lexus stopped by and the good times rocked and the good times rolled!  But you don’t need any of these silly words to let you know that, all you need to do is take a look at that pic below these silly ol’ words and you will know that to be a fact.  But my friends, we need to give MuchLove to Lexus for letting us be a little part of her senior year of awesomeness, and to all you happy and friendly and just plain good people of Blog – Enjoy!


Wake Up! It’s Alex!

Sometimes these things go up in the middle of the night.  There are only a few people out there looking at the o&j website in these wee small hours of the morning, as they are sometimes called.  Usually, when peeps are on the internet at 2AM they are in some weird part of the internet that shouldn’t see the light of day, some weird YouTube video on how to make your own beef jerky, or some Reddit thread about lord only knows what.  It’s called the ‘rabbit hole’ – you jump down it, and suddenly you go from checking what time a movie is playing to how limburger cheese is made.  Nobody can explain it.  But I’m hoping that if I put ‘wake up’ in the title of this post, that those weird few luring around the interwebs at this hour will snap out of their lesson on how to make stinky cheese and will instead devote their attention to the one & only Alex!

You see now, there was a day, there was Alex, there was some picture taking, and now there is a samplesnap below these words.  Just like that.  And now we gotta give MuchLove to Alex for stopping by the o&j funfactory or whatever it is called, and we gotta tell you, the Faithful of Blog to – Enjoy!


People. It’s Patricia!

You know when I’m throwing down the formal version of peeps, ‘people’ – that things are getting real real quick here in Land of Blog.  And the reason why things are getting so real so really quick is that we’re about ready to embark on a journey, a quest if you will…wait…I have no idea how to get out of this sentence with a lead up like that.  Let’s start over.

We’re about to take part in some superpictographic goodness that can only be described as the Senior Portrait Shoot Thing of the one & only Patricia!  You see, my dear friends, Patricia stopped by the Center for Fun (sometimes referred to as the ‘FunCenter’) and graced us with a little bit of her time on a day that wasn’t all that long ago but in reality probably was but this thing, this interweb thing is not about reality, it’s about perceived reception and creating something from nothing that is most often skewed far from reality.  But I digress.

Patricia stopped by, and the results were superfantastic!  But don’t take these silly words for it, just take a look at the samplesnap below. But wait!  Before you do that, we need to give MuchLove to Patricia for letting us be a part of her day and for letting us take some pictures, and we need to tell all you wonderful Peeps of Blog that live in my head and perhaps live in reality to – Enjoy!


Party Time! Layne! Yeah!

If you’re ever sitting in front of your computer like I am and am wondering just how you can jazz up the title of something that you are about to write, consider the exclamation point.  For example, I could have written this:  Party Time.  See?  That’s just freaking horrible.  It makes it seem like you’re going to go to a Chuck E. Cheese that hasn’t been cleaned in a few years (have any of them, really) and most of the animatronic characters are broken.  But then look at this:  Party Time!  Now it’s as if we are cruising the streets of Manhattan, ducking in and out of one trendy place to another.  Now I ask you – which sounds better?  Yeah.  You can thank the exclamation point.

You know who else you can thank?  You can thank Layne for stopping by the Otis & James on a day that was probably months ago and letting us take his supersweet senior snaps.  Yep.  You need to thank him for that, because he was awesome, and below these words is a happy picture that is going to make you happy.  And for that he needs thanking.  And he also needs us to send him MuchLove for being a part of the Otis & James, and all you groovy cats out there keepin’ it hip in Land of Blog – Enjoy!


Time To Throw Down With Andrew.

I’m just putting random words into the titles of these blog posts.  I really don’t think we’re going to be ‘trowing down’ any time soon, unless by throwing down you mean that we’re going to take a look at a superawesome senior pictosnap of the one & only Andrew.  And then in that case, yes – we will be throwing down.

Because beneath these words, we will be presenting that same pictographic goodness that only Andrew can throw down.  So, I guess we are throwing down?  My head hurts.  So, to alleviate my head hurting any further, it is time for us to thank Andrew for stopping by the Otis & James Photo Emporium and letting us get in a couple of snaps of his senior year, and to all you good peeps of Blogville that do the things you do and do them so well – Enjoy!


And Now, Luke. What’s up.

I’m going to keep the hits coming, one right after another, and this time it’s with the one and only Luke!  Now, I know other Luke’s but there’s only one contained within the one’s and zero’s that comprise this post on this website.  So to the other Lukes, your time will come.  Or it may have already arrived.  I don’t know.  And I’m not here to un-riddle that riddle.

What I’m here to do is lay down some pictographic goodness from this Luke.  And we’re about to get to that point.  But wait!  We need to thank Luke for stopping by the studes (those in the know know it as that ((figure that statement out))) and spending some time with us, so we offer up a serving of MuchLove!  And to all you other good citizens of Blogville just being awesome – Enjoy!


It’s Shauna Time.

Like MC Hammer.  Except with Shauna.  And none of those ratchet baggy pants he liked to wear.  What was up?  We may never know the answer.  We gotta move on, this thought process could go on for hours.

There was a day, there was an hour, there was a lady, there was a camera, there was a pictosnapper, there was photographic goodness. BOOM.  Just laid all that out for you in real quick style form.  So now we gotta take minute and give MuchLove to Shauna for being so gracious and spending just a little bit of time with us, and we also gotta tell all you people out there in blogland that are just working for the weekend to – Enjoy!