It’s Time For Some Lorne.


Does anyone here know the time?  You got the time?  You know what time it is? What’s that??  Say what???  It’s time for Lorne??!!  Well then, let’s get down to business.

  • The Date:  Irrelevant.
  • The Place:  The Otis & The James.
  • What Went Down:  Pictosnapping.
  • Why:  Senior.  Needs pics.
  • Results:  Awesome.

That’s how it’s done, my peeps.  No time for dilly-dally, just time to get you the info and then get you the goods.  Before we go rushing off to look at the samplesnap below, we need to give MuchLove to Lorne for letting us be a part of his senior year.  And to all my hard working Peeps of Blog slogging (slogging?) their way through the day – Enjoy!


By otis

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