Back Home with Matthew & Krissy!

After one of the hardest/longest/most miserable card ride of our lives, we returned to Minot, just in time for the wedding of Matthew & Krissy. The weather was beautiful, the ceremony was Nordic, and the Bride & Groom were great. It was a beautiful wedding!

Here’s some of the day – enjoy!

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Troy & Deb . OJT2K5.7

I had the pleasure today of being a part of the wedding of two of my closest friends. At many weddings, there will be printed on various things the statement, ‘Today I married my best friend…’, it is overused, and is printed on everything. Today, however, I felt this to be the truth.

I have known Deb since Kindergarten at Snail Lake Elementary, and consider Troy to be one of my best friends. Maybe it could say ‘Today my best friends were married’.

We were thilled when this day came, and grateful to be a part of it. Congratulations Troy & Deb!

Here are some shots of the day – enjoy!

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All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

Back Home in Shoreview . OJT2K5.6

I had the pleasure of taking a trip back to the old hometown, Shoreview, for the Groom’s Dinner of my great friends Troy & Deb. It was the good ol’ days all over again. A hot summer day on Turtle Lake Road – for one night only I was 18 again.

The dinner was great – the company even better. It was great to commune with these friends I so rarely see. I ended the night with making amends with the family of one of my dear friends, Aisling. Previous to this night, my last encounter with the family occured with me face down in the snow after a morning and eventually evening of far too many Bloody Mary’s. Needless to say, not a great lasting impression to give. But on this muggy night, 10 or so years later I found myself in their kitchen, and any memories of old vanished. My Irish Family, I thank you for taking me back!

Here are some images from the night – enjoy!

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Jay-Ran with a side of Mayo . 0JT2K5.5

Got the guided tour of the Mayo today – crazy impressive. My Ol’ Budd Bri showed me his research area:

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He does stuff that I couldn’t even begin to explain, other than to say thank God that he’s doing it.

He then gave me the guided tour, during which I took some pics. In this age of heightened security awareness, it has become increasingly difficult to take photographs in public places without feeling like there are at least three people that have dialed 91 – and are just waiting for you to do something crazy before they hit that last ‘1’. You gain something, and you lose something. Here’s some of the stuff that was there. That was the worst sentence that has ever been in the blog.


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OJT2K5.3 . Mall of America

We finally found a hotel with a room. It’s right by my favorite place, The Mall of America!! Here’s the view from our room window:

I’ve heard good things about the store, but there’s no time to shop. I’ve got to get out of here and down to Rochester, but I thought that I would tell you about our morning. You see, James left on a jet aero-plane this morning, to visit one of our favorite blog-posters, Reba! Her flight left at 7AM, so we had to get her there around five.

On our way there, we had the crazy experience of driving right by some sort of a crime scene (or so the yellow tape said). As it goes, we saw a lot of flashing lights and cars parked outside of a hotel near the Mall. We proceeded with caution (as we had to keep going down the street to get to the freeway), and as we were directly across from this scene, we looked over and saw that there was actually a dead body covered with a sheet mere feet from our car. Straight out of an episode of CSI, or Law and Order, right there as real as could be.

It was totally surrreal. There was this glorious light of sunrise bathing everything – but where did it end for this soul that was covered on the sidewalk? Did the darkness of a Saturday night stay too long, was it at the hands of another, or was it just their time? I have seen many sunrises, many on the tail end of nights that lasted too long, but none like this. Crazy.

Well, I still managed to get James off to the airport, and then returned to the hotel to bring you this post. I’m off momentarily to Chesterville, and I will bring more news from there.

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(actual state sizes may vary)

OJT2K5.2 . For Jim

We had grand intentions of spending the night in St. Cloud, but there was no room for us (something about some athletic events and country music – big weekend for the area.) We did manage time to stop by a relic of the past, Loso’s Main Street Pub, in St. Joseph.

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In another life, in another time. Let’s raise a toast the the Electric Bridge, and to Balls of Steel. Keep the dream alive!

That’s it for this cryptic post.
Otis Out

Rob & Audrey – OJT2K5.1

It was a hot summer day today for the wedding of Robin & Audrey. Otis & James Tour 2005 (OJT2K5) left Minot headed for our first destination of Flasher, North Dakota. We had a great time with the family and the wedding party, and wish a hearty congratulations to the new Husband and Wife.

Here are some pics of the day – pay close attention to The Thinker – one of our fav’s.

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