Rob & Audrey – OJT2K5.1

It was a hot summer day today for the wedding of Robin & Audrey. Otis & James Tour 2005 (OJT2K5) left Minot headed for our first destination of Flasher, North Dakota. We had a great time with the family and the wedding party, and wish a hearty congratulations to the new Husband and Wife.

Here are some pics of the day – pay close attention to The Thinker – one of our fav’s.

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By otis

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  1. well, first I wanted to say — thanks for the link! you guys rule…

    second — and best for last — this is ROB! the greatest guitar and vocals man in the land — i love him!

    thanks again!

  2. Kobra jet rules. Otis and James rules. When 2 things that rock that hard come together, it becomes something so monumental that it would be like john bohnam rising from the dead and doing a led zeppelin reunion tour. Keep up the good work


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