The Family Whitty!

May God bless and keep you always,
May your wishes all come true,
May you always do for others
And let others do for you.
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung,
May you stay forever young

May you grow up to be righteous,
May you grow up to be true,
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you.
May you always be courageous,
Stand upright and be strong,
May you stay forever young

May your hands always be busy,
May your feet always be swift,
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift.
May your heart always be joyful,
May your song always be sung,
May you stay forever young

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography
Forever Young :: B. Dylan :: Copyright ©1973 Ram’s Horn Music

The Men of Kjos!

The Men of Kjos are strong & brave.
The Men of Kjos are witty & charming.
The Men of Kjos shower with Evian.
The Men of Kjos eat gold plated cereal…because they can.
The Men of Kjos once saved North Dakota from a South Dakota invasion.
The Men of Kjos will play with a kitten one moment, and fight a wolf the next.
The Men of Kjos refuse to eat tofu, because they don’t wan’t to hurt the soy.
The Men of Kjos wrote all of the good Beatles songs (which is all.)
The Men of Kjos won, but were to busy to pick up a Nobel prize.
The Men of Kjos are rebels, but with a cause.
The Men of Kjos are raconteurs.
The Men of Kjos are FunCenter, and FunCenter is Men of Kjos.

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

The Family Reile (And The Odd Hanger-On)!

Sweet Bippy of all things Sweet Bippy! The doors to the Otis & James FunCenter for Fun and Other Assorted Activities Which Will Cause Fun, Or At Least Momentary Feelings of Fun and Are Usually Followed By Feelings of Head Hurting, or As It May Be Called, Feeling Scrambled (O&JFCFFAOAAWWCFOALMFOFAAUFBFOHHOAIMBCFS), and our day became nothing but sunshine, as the ever lovely Family Reile came in, and showed us what a beautiful family is!

Now, we have worked with Mother Reile, and Daughter Reile known as Emily, so we had a pretty good idea that the goods were going to be brought to the shoot. What we didn’t know was just how totally and completely awesome they were going to be! Like, if someone comes into the FunCenter and tells me ‘…there will be a family, and they will be gorgeous, and you who takes picto-graphs shall feel complete…’, I’m pretty much gonna be all like, ‘Who are you…and why you talkin’ so crazy?’, because stuff like that doesn’t really happen all the time. I mean, we finally got rid of that Ghost of Christmas Past (seriously, that dude totally stunk up the office every time he would stop by – Benjamin D. ((he is the ‘Odd Hanger-On’ mentioned in the title of this post)) would have to burn many Gonesh Cones to cover up that stench), so, I’m pretty leary of dudes coming in and speaking in riddles like some sort of a modern day prophet (which, coincidentally is the title of my third album), and they’re usually trying to sell me something…uhhhhhh…ok…it’s time to get out of this paragraph.

The family Reile rocked our socks off! Even my special panda bear socks! They were rocked off! We would like to give some love to one and all from this beautiful group for stopping down for some sweetsnaps, and to all of you out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

The Children Visina!

Would you believe me if I told you the sky was on fire?
Would you believe me if I told you the FunCenter was magical?
Would you believe me if I told you good things happen to good people?
Would you believe me if I told you that you are wonderful?
Would you believe me if I told you the Children Visina are absolutely lovely?
Would you believe me if I told you that all things I tell you are true?
Would you believe me if I told you LoveLoveLove?
Would you believe me if I told you we had a wonderful time with the Children Visina?
Would you believe me if I told you that our time together was all too short?
Would you believe me if I told you that we thank them for coming down to the FunCenter?
Would you believe me if I told you Enjoy?
Because it’s all true!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

Ryan & Jenice

Our December weddings got off to an absolutely wonderful start, as the wedding of Ryan & Jenice was finally here! The Caravan of Love (now, for those of you that have problems with yo’ memory – it has been a long time since last summer – The Caravan of Love is what happens when o&j leave the confines of Minot for new and exciting places) pulled out of the Minot station, and headed west, all the way to a land called…Tioga!

I tell you what (did I really just start out a new paragraph with ‘I tell you what’? Man…what is going on with me…I’m from Minnesota, not Kentucky), it was an absolutely wonderful day, and that was specifically because of the absolutely wonderful couple that we had the honest goodly great pleasure of working with, and their equally as wonderful wedding party and families! They alll made the day totally and completely wonderful, and we would like to tell them – truly – what a wonderful time we had!

It was a fabulous day, filled with nothing but love love love sweet love, and good times! But, do I really need to go on for this long, or should we just put these words to bed and get to the part that all you all (there we go again…I’m a Northerner!) have come here to see! So, without any further delay, it’s Ryan & Jenice – Enjoy!

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All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

Sisters Christen!

Sisters Christen
Oh the time has come
Time To Enter The FunCenter For Fun
To say O&J,
Where you going?
What you looking for?
You know these snaps
Are Gonna Be Dead Sweet, With Us
It’s true

You’re photo-ing
What’s your price for pics?
In finding perfect snaps
You’ll be on the blog, tonight

Ladies, you know
You’re growing up so fast
And Willow’s worrying
That you won’t last
To say ‘Willow Wanna…’

Sisters Christen
There’s so much in life
Don’t you give it up
Before your session is through
It’s true
It’s true

You’re photo-ing
What’s your price for pics?
In finding perfect snaps
You’ll be on the blog, tonight

Most people don’t know this, but these are actually the original lyrics to the famous song by Night Ranger. Night Ranger. Yeaaaahhhh. Uhhh…what exactly is a ‘Night Ranger’? Technically, the definition of a ranger is:

  1. A keeper of a park, forest, or area of countryside.
  2. A member of a body of armed men.
  3. A person or thing that wanders or ranges over a particular area or domain.

So, either it is the keeper of the park at night, an member of an armed body of men…at night, or a night wanderer. Yes. The night wanderer. OK. All of these things are totally creepy. Why, dear Night Ranger, was this what was chosen? Was there a band meeting, and it was decided to go with this? Perhaps the bass player (always the least reputible member of any band) threw out his idea that;

[Bass Player]…man, I’ve really been thinking about this whole band name thing, and I think I’ve got the solution to our search. You know how we’re always trying to convey the image of ‘someone that watches the park at night’ through song? Well, how does ‘Night Ranger’ sound? Hmmmmmm? Can you say gold, anyone?

[Lead Singer] Night Ranger. Night Ranger. Yesssssss. I’m digging this, good. Real good.

Really? Is this how it went down? Bass players. Truly, the scourge of the earth. But, I digress. You see, a couple of years ago, I was sitting up at Primo, and who should walk in but most of the members of Night Ranger. Previously, I had thought that meeting most of the members of Jefferson Starship was crazy, but this really blew my mind. They didn’t say anything to me. They just handed me a cassette tape and said, “Someday, it will all make sense.”

That night I went home, powered up my boombox, and listened to what I had been given. It was a song that I was familiar with, but the lyrics were so different. Sisters Christen? O&J? What were these things? What did it mean? I put the tape into the glove box of my ’77 Monte Carlo with the brown body and the blue hood, and never thought of it again. That was, until this past Sunday. Christmas Eve, or…Christenmas Eve, as it would soon become known.

It was the night that the prophetic tape from Night Ranger would all make sense. It would take three wise ladies from a land called Minot, following Broadway to a place called the FunCenter, where they would stroll in and rock our world, hardcore. We have had the great pleasure of working with two members of this parfect trifecta, and on the Eve of Christmas, the group was made complete, the prophecy fulfilled, and all in the land of blog knew that it would be alright. No worries! Idubitably! MuchLove! OneLove!  Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography


Here we go!
Are you ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmble??!!

Uhhhh…yeah. Perhaps using boxing lingo isn’t really the best thing to do for a sweetseniorshoot, and perhaps we should now pretend that I didn’t do that. Yes. Have we erased that bitter memory from our minds? We have? Good!

Now, at some point in the not so distant past (so, that means that it wasn’t during the 1800’s) the Otis & James FunCenter for the Study of All Things Cool Including Me (O&JFCFTSOATCIM) had the goodgollygreatalmighty pleasure of welcoming none other than the totally and completely wonderfullylovely Kaitlin in for some rocking and/or rolling sweetlysweetseniorsnaps!

I’m going to invite all of you that are out there currently looking at this to stop reading right now, and spend five seconds looking at the pics, and then come right back here. OK. Go. 1…2…3…4…5. And come back. Come on…come back now. OK. Now, taking into consideration how absolutely lovely Kaitlin looks in the samplesnaps, is it no wonder that we had a totally wonderful time working with her??!!

She totally rocked, and we had a wonderful time working with her! We would now like to give a big ol’ MuchLove to her, and in about five seconds, you can all go back to looking at the samplenaps. So, no more delay, just a whole bunch of Kaitlin – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography


Guess what went down during this shoot.

Let’s see if you can.

Doors, FunCenter…opened!

Who stood there, none other than the absolutelywonderful Courtney!

Picto-graphic sweetness occured!

MuchLove was had by all!

Perhaps even Diet Coke’s were consumed!

And (and this is the most important part), we had an absolutely awesometacular time working with Courtney, and we would like to thank her for stopping down to the FunCenter and for giving us some of her sweet and prescious time!

Speaking of time, it’s time for me to put these words to bed, and to get to the part where I say – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography



Came to FunCenter!

Made pretty pictures!

Made happy us!

Many good times!

Good Picture Taker Person!

We like!




Perhaps, see doctor.

Head wound bad.

Nikki still awesome!


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