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Our December weddings got off to an absolutely wonderful start, as the wedding of Ryan & Jenice was finally here! The Caravan of Love (now, for those of you that have problems with yo’ memory – it has been a long time since last summer – The Caravan of Love is what happens when o&j leave the confines of Minot for new and exciting places) pulled out of the Minot station, and headed west, all the way to a land called…Tioga!

I tell you what (did I really just start out a new paragraph with ‘I tell you what’? Man…what is going on with me…I’m from Minnesota, not Kentucky), it was an absolutely wonderful day, and that was specifically because of the absolutely wonderful couple that we had the honest goodly great pleasure of working with, and their equally as wonderful wedding party and families! They alll made the day totally and completely wonderful, and we would like to tell them – truly – what a wonderful time we had!

It was a fabulous day, filled with nothing but love love love sweet love, and good times! But, do I really need to go on for this long, or should we just put these words to bed and get to the part that all you all (there we go again…I’m a Northerner!) have come here to see! So, without any further delay, it’s Ryan & Jenice – Enjoy!

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