Tim & Meg

Have I ever mentioned that I really really like my job? If I haven’t, I do. I really do. Yesterday was the perfect example. We had the pleasure to be a part of the wedding of Tim & Meg. It was a lovely hot summer day for a wedding! Why are all of these sentences so short? Who knows why, but what I do know is that yesterday I had a real moment of zen during the reception.

I fully realized how thankful we are that we’re allowed to do what it is we do, and it’s because of people such as the Bride & Groom, and their families that I (and Jamie too) feel this way. I swear, the reception last night was right out of a storybook scenario of what you would imagine a summertime wedding with an outdoor reception would be like. Well, enough of these words. Let’s move on to some photographs of the big day. Congratulations to the new couple – Enjoy!

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Tony & Renae

It was an insanely busy day in the land of Otis & James today. I am in no way complaining, though. I’m not trying to say that we’re all ‘our business is so good, and yours stinks, sucka!!’ – we were just busy with a lot of running around and stuff. To finish off this busy day, we had the opportunity to work with Renae & Tony.

I will admit, I was tired going into this shoot. I thought to myself, ‘it sure would be nice to take a nap right now.’ But I didn’t nap. Instead, I had a great time working with this super-fun couple. It was our first time meeting both of them face-to-face, and it was a real treat! So thank you, Tony & Renae, for saving me from my almost nap state, and for making your photographs a ton of fun. Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

Mornings with Jon

Otis & James rustled themselves from their nest this morning just in time to hop outside and catch some good morning sun with Jon (and special guest Doreen!) A big thanks to them for being flexible with their schedule (even though the original day turned out to be great!!) Jon was great to work with, had a bunch of great ideas (along with Doreen), and we really got some great stuff (that’s like the 50th time using the word great in this post for those of you counting). Here’s some samples of the morning – Enjoy!!

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Jenna & The Raccoons!

That is the worst title for a band ever. A band with that name would have a huge following on the whole ‘free-concert-in-a-park-nobody-is-listening’ circuit. The best part would be that all the members of the band would wear masks over their eyes and would have bushy tails pinned onto their pants in order to look like raccoons. We, and I mean the collective we that are the citizens of earth, are lucky that there is not a band such as this. Perhaps someday.

Today, what we had instead, was the opportunity to spend some quality time with Jenna – just in time for her Senior Portraits. What a grand coincidence! Jenna was all braggin’ on the statement that she wasn’t photogenic, but we found this to be quite the opposite. She was great to work with, and we wound up with some sweet treats.

So, before I let you go, I’ll explain the raccoons. You see, during our shoot, one of the locations that we went to was her grandmothers house where we found two baby raccoons that they are raising (their raccoon mother abandoned them) until they are ready to join up with their fellow raccoons. They were hands down the friendliest/cutest little dudes I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Enough of the jibba-jabba – on with the pics. Enjoy!

And finally…the raccoons (click image for larger)

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Jason & Mahli

We had the pleasure today of speding some time with Jason & Mahli, and their families. It was such a joy to be a part of this incredibly relaxed and beautiful wedding. We want to thank and extend a heart-felt congratulations to the new Bride & Groom! Below are some images from the day – Enjoy!

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The Divine Ya Ya’s of Something Or Another

There are all sorts of pseudo-witty titles that could have been assigned to this post, but I’ll save you all from them. Titles such as, “Double your fun with Anne & Elise”, or “Seeing Double in the Park”, or maybe even “Psycopharmicology: Truth or Urban Legend.” Any of these could have worked. Instead it’s something about divine ya ya’s, which in retrospect could be taken in the wrong way, but I’m really just goofin’ on a book.

Either way, we had the opportunity of spending a little time today working with these splendid young ladies (one of which is long-time blog-reader/sometimes poster – but you’ll have to guess which one)! Here’s some of the stuff – Enjoy!!

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Joshua & Tami

It seems that we booked this wedding forever ago – they had faith in us from the get-go! After many changes in Otis & James World, we finally found ourselves in New Rockford for their special day. I have never been to the town, but I only imagined that it contained many private investigators that lived in trailers by the ocean and drove Camaro’s.

This was not the case. What we found instead was a town and families as lovely as the Bride & Groom – even though I swear I saw a Camaro. We had a great time with the wedding party, and wish the new couple all the best in their new life together! Here are some images from the day – Enjoy!

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Jared & Lindsay

Harvey is a great name for a town. It’s such an uncommon name these days for a person, let alone for an entire town. It always makes me think of of a big ol’ imaginary rabbit. Harvey – good town, and this weekend, a great place to be married.

The families and friends of Jared & Lindsay traveled far and wide to be in this town to celebrate the union of this couple. We thank them for allowing us to be a part of their day – even though we say that often, it is always true. We had a great time, and were touched by their incredibly moving ceremony. Here’s some pics from the day – Enjoy!

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