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Have I ever mentioned that I really really like my job? If I haven’t, I do. I really do. Yesterday was the perfect example. We had the pleasure to be a part of the wedding of Tim & Meg. It was a lovely hot summer day for a wedding! Why are all of these sentences so short? Who knows why, but what I do know is that yesterday I had a real moment of zen during the reception.

I fully realized how thankful we are that we’re allowed to do what it is we do, and it’s because of people such as the Bride & Groom, and their families that I (and Jamie too) feel this way. I swear, the reception last night was right out of a storybook scenario of what you would imagine a summertime wedding with an outdoor reception would be like. Well, enough of these words. Let’s move on to some photographs of the big day. Congratulations to the new couple – Enjoy!

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  1. A lovely example of a North Dakota wedding.
    All of us at Robojack Studios look forward to your visit to the
    east coast this coming weekend.

    cheers, R


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