Git Down! It’s McKayla!

McKayla ||  Otis & James Photography

You gotta git down…I say now, you gotta git down and follow what I am about to lay down on you, my peeps!  Can you hear me?!  Is this thing on?!  Are these words working?!  Did you suddenly forget how to read and you wished there was an audio book version of this thing?  Because I will.  I mean, I love the sound of my own voice, and I have the equipment to record it with…so…I would actually enjoy to just do this by speaking – and if that’s what you need me to do I’m totally just fine 100% with that.

But if you don’t, and you still have or have just gained the ability to ready, I suggest you take heed – because I’m about to lay down a groove, a rhythm, a rhyme (well, technically there is nothing here that will rhyme, and if it does it is only coincidental) if you will about the one & only McKayla!

You see, My Peeps, McKayla stopped by FunCenter For Fun & Stuff to have her totally awesome seniorpics taken, and not only did she have them taken, she just rocked it up hardcore.  Which is technical talk for ‘she was awesome!’  But I’m going to spare you any more of this silly old words (for those of you that can read, and didn’t give up on reading after the first fifteen or so words, you are off the hook) and just get to the part where we offer up a huge MuchLove to McKayla for letting us be a part of her senior year, and to all my People of Blog out there keepin’ it real – Enjoy!

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