March Madness for Seniors

For a limited time, Otis & James Photography will be offering some truly wild specials for Senior reorders. We have a special page on the blog with the details. Check it out here.

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Good Things Headed to Minot..

It sounds like Artspace has taken a liking to the city. This would be a great addition to the area – let’s hope that it all works out – and that the buildings that they are looking at are downtown! Click here to find out the story from the Grand Forks Herald.

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Check the Signage

We have made the first step in increasing the ability for people to find us (the experts say that this is a good thing for a business – who knew). Another great job by Signs Today as usual. The ground level door entering the building got a big ol’ Union National Annex, and our office door received the O&J seal of approval.


It seems like almost all of our posts are something about changes being made to the site/office, and that the title of these posts usually ends with an exclamation point. This time, I left out the exclamation, and instead just borrowed a line from that old sage Bowie.

In an effort to present a truly well-rounded voice to the blog of Otis & James, I attempted to have James – aka Jamie – make this post. After about an hour, we had not made much progress other than this photo:

I took the photo, Jamie sweeted it up. She had the post all ready to go, but due to a variety of reasons it all fell apart in the end. Instead, we’re back to the one-sided Otis only version of events. I swear, we’ll get her posting up here.

Back to the post, we are happy to tell you that we’ve uploaded new photo’s into the Weddings, Seniors, and Portraits pages. New and Improved…Better Than Ever…Try it today.

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Window Cleaning & Movie Making

Today was all about cleaning the windows. After waaaaaay too much work in order to get the windows clean, they are beautifully clean. I would eat off of them.

To the local professional window cleaners who said it could not be done, I offer a bold ‘Ha! It can be done!’ You just have to know what you’re doing (as if I had a clue).

Proof of a clean window – Look carefully and you’ll see me, and a caraffe.

We’ve also added a short presentation about how to find our new office on the Contact page. Click the link labeled Movie of Office. It requires the Quicktime player, or as I like to call it the QT Playa (props to Becca Joy).

And Ali stopped by.

All in all a full day.

Otis Out.

Sundays with Dustin & Heidi

Kind of a lazy day at Otis & James Central – and we’re actually on Central Avenue. Today we found ourselves in the good company of Dustin and Heidi (I always want to spell her name Hidei – which is quite a departure from the Nordic nature of the name). We had fun, were able to get some good shots of these two nice young peoples.

otis out

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

Some Changes to the Blog

As you may have noticed, we’ve made some changes to the blog in order to give you, our viewing audience, the most up-to-date-blogging-experience…why am I hyphenating everthing?

Regardless of the punctuation, it should be sweeter, or sweatier.

otis out.

p.s. – Come back to the site over the next few days to (hopefully) see a new page dedicated to where our new office is – sort of like a visual representation walking/driving tour, or sweatier.

The New Office!!

Greetings from Otis & James – it’s been a while, but we’ve been busy working on and moving into our new office and studio! We thought that we’d post some pics of the new digs. It has taken much work to get it to this point (most notably on the terazzo floors – check out that shine!), but it has all been worth it. It’s a really cool space, with tons of character. Our last office was great, and wouldn’t have been possible without all the help from Tim at Northern Lights Financial Services. We owe him big for helping a young business out!!

We think that our new office will suit all of our needs, and we’ll be posting some more later.

The following photo’s are of the office suite, keep an eye out for studio pics to come later.

Jamie’s Office

Matt’s Office

Meeting Area

Thanks for checking it out –

otis out

Sick on a Sunday

Greetings from the sickbed. It would seem that both the Otis and the James part of the company are fully embroiled in a case of Skerbeditis (or as some would call it, a raging bad flu/cold combo). We apologize to anybody that has tried to contact us over the past couple of days, but we will be back at it with 110% on Monday (or at least 66%).

Until then, we invite you to look at some photo’s taken at the wedding of Travis & Mindy – a great time was had by all!

Gettin’ Down
Gettin’ Down

Ridin’ High
Ridin’ High

The Cruelty of Bridesmaids
The Cruelty of Bridesmaids

A special thanks to the Ladies of Champagne

There was going to be another photo here, but the editorial board (consisting of James) vetoed the decsion to include it (it was a photo of her titled ‘Clearly Deranged from the Tussin.’