Julia & Josh!

I’m not going to waste any more time than necessary with a bunch of words here because these pics are just too good.  So let me just get to the point and say that we are so stoked (do people still use that word) for the wedding of this beautiful (and Yogatastic) couple!  So MuchLove to them, and to all my good peeps out there in Blogville – Enjoy!







BEHOLD! It’s Alexis & Scott!

OK.  I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I’m in the dark here a little bit at the Otis & James Emporium of Fun and Photo-graphy.  Some might say that I’m detached, or aloof.  But I’m really not – I’m just too cool for skool…HUZZZAHHH!  But sometimes, when gathering up images that will be a part of an online gallery or a blog post, I just ask myself ‘Did we really shoot that?  Because I have no idea what is going on here.’ – and I’m finding myself in this pickle right now.

Because this beautiful couple that we had such a great pleasure working with, well…their shoot is going along like you would normally think.  Lovely pics, all couple-ly and what not, and then – suddenly – lab coats & beakers.  I have no idea.  None.  I wasn’t in the shoot and my lovely partner Queen James is busy having a baby, so I’m just going to chalk this up to ‘well, we’ve done that now.’  The pics are great, by the way.  In fact, I wish we had more beakers in our shoots!

The need for delay being gone, now we shall give MuchLove to this lovely couple, and we shall remind all you good peeps of blog to – Enjoy!

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Wowzies! It’s Amber & Brandon!

You see what I did right there?  I put two exclamation points in the title of this post.  I’ve taken this thing to the breaking point of punctuation, and for good reason, I might add.  And that reason, you might ask?  Well, I might say, that reason is that we had the goodlygreat pleasure of working with the supercouple that is known as Amber & Brandon!

They strolled on into our studio on a day that wasn’t not all that long ago (what is time, really?) for the purpose of getting some wonderful engagement pictures taken!  Lucky for them, we had just got our camera out of the pawn shop, so we were able to take their pictures!  I kid – we got it out of pawn at least a day before (DUBZ LOLZ!)

We had a most wonderful time working with them, and can not wait until the big day – and I’m not talking about my birthday either (even though that day is pretty awesome.)  So, sit back & relax as we give MuchLove to this wondrous couple, and get ready to – Enjoy!

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Hold On To Your Fargo, It’s Megan & Derrick!

Continuing in our time machine trip to the time called February, this time we are venturing to the land called ‘Fargo’ – which is a place to the east where they made that movie, or something like that.  Either way, our intrepid photographer Queen James was in this magical land and had the goodlygreat opportunity of working with this superduper couple!

Now, did you just hear that?  They are superduper!  And do you know what that means?  Well, I’m here to tell you!  It means that all we had to do was show up and turn the camera on – they made the rest of it all good!  And it’s not like we’ve got a crazy camera that you just have to turn on to make good pics, these were actually shot with a recycled disposable camera loaded with ISO 800 film.  Just a small light leakage and it shocked me when I was getting the film out, but other than that it’s OK.

But enough of all this technomublejumble, let us get to the part where we give MuchLove to this wonderful couple for giving us a little bit of their sweet time, and be sure to – Enjoy!

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Watch Out World, It’s Melissa & Jonathan!

Way back in the land of Valentines Day (that would be February, for those of you keeping track at home), we had the goodly great pleasure of working with the one & only (well, there are actually two people in these pictures, but they’ll be married soon, and then there’s that whole ‘where there was two, there will be one’ thing going on, so I guess that kind of works) Melissa & Jonathan!

They stopped on down to the FunCenter not just to have fun, but to also have some sweetlysweet engagement pictures taken!  And as if the complete & total over-usage of the exclamation point wasn’t an indicator enough, we had a great time working with them and can not wait until their wedding day!  So, without any further delay, it’s Melissa & Jonathan – Enjoy!

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4th of July SuperFreedom MegaPost!

Oh my good peeps of Blogville…it has been far too long!  I know that all of you have been doing wonderful in you happy homes of blog – you’ve been sunning yourselves on the veranda whilst sipping lemonade on a regular basis during this fine, fine summer!  Well, I come to you today with a little thing that I like to call the 4th of July SuperFreedom MegaPost!

Now, I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking, ‘what the hell is that?’ – and you have a good question.  Not gonna deny it.  So let me explain.  If you have been a regular visitor to blog over the past few months, you may have thought that we sure haven’t had many posts go up here.  It looks like the ol’ o&j has all dried up for business.  They’ve got tumbleweeds blowing through their studio.  They must be standing in the windows looking out on to Main Street just hoping that a customer will walk into their studio and let them take their pics.  Yep.  It was only a matter of time.  I knew it was coming.  I’ve heard all sorts of things about that place.  MmmmHmmm.

Well, if you thought that, you’re wrong.  But again, if you were to base your assumptions on blog, I could see how you might start to think that.  So, I’m here today to change all of that.  Because in all actuality we’ve been busy as a mofo, and unfortunately, the blog had to take a back seat as we did some serious TCB (for all of you ‘non-Elvis’ fans out there, that stands for ‘taking care of business’) for our clients.  And it was with sadness that I looked at my baby – the blog – and would see it languishing there…all alone…no new posts…gathering dust.  But it had to wait.  Sometimes in life, you gotta prioritize.  But I’m happy to tell you that it’s time for the blog to once again regain all of its glory.

And how will this be done, you ask?  With the 4th of July SuperFreedom MegaPost!  What you’re about to feast your eyes on is a cumulation of the work we’ve done over the past few months, all mashed together in a jumbalaya of goodness for you to consume!  Before you go about checking out all of the goodness, we’d like to thank each and every person that is a part of this post – we love love love you all and thank you for being a part of the FunCenter!  Without you, we are nothing!

Now, let’s take another moment to offer thanks for what this holiday is all about, and no, it’s not about fireworks and drinking Keystone Light at the lake.  It’s about our country, this beautiful place we live in called The United States of America.  It’s about a day in July of 1776 when a group of individuals came together and created a Declaration of Independence.  It’s a day where we honor those men, honor our freedom, and honor those which have protected and are still protecting these same freedoms today.  It’s a day when we let those beautiful words ring true…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Now, my good peeps, if your pursuit involves the lake and said case of Keystone Light, so be it – because in the words of J.C. Mellencamp – ain’t it America, it’s something to see!  Now my good peeps – Enjoy!