Check This Out. It’s Alexandra!


As I sit here at the keyboard of Otis (it’s a special brand from Apple that is only available to me, suckas) and I reflect upon the wonderful day that was had today, I think that I should do something wonderful.  Like, write a poem.  Or get on the roof of the studio (studes, for short) and play the lute as the last light of the day disappears into the night sky, or do an interpretive dance.  But seeing as how whenever I write a poem it seems like it was written by a five year old that watches too many soap operas, I don’t own a lute or wouldn’t even know where to procure one if my life depended on it – and I can’t play it either, and that dancing is not what you would ever want to call one of my ‘strong points’, I am left in a little bit of a quandary.  And then…BAM!  It hits me!  I know what I can do that will be the perfect way to end the day!

And what is this, you ask?  Well, it’s by taking a look at the absolutely fantastic senior portraits of the oh so, so, so lovely Alexandra!  There is no reason why I need to hold on to these pics any longer – they need to be out there for all of you to lovingly gaze upon, because they are so wonderfully beautiful!  So I’m not going to hold on to them any longer – I’m ready to bust them out, for all of you lovely peeps to lovingly gaze upon as well!

But before we get to the good part where we look at the samplesnaps, we gotta take a second here and thank Alexandra for coming to the FunCenter from oh so far away!  We offer up a huge MuchLove to for doing so!  Oh, and to all my lovely peeps out there in The Land of Blog sitting in front of your digiboxes looking at the interwebz – Enjoy!

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Now Lookee Here! It’s Mattea!

Mattea  ||  Otis & James Photography

Did you know that ‘lookee’ is a real word?  I mean, I used it in the title of this post, so it’s got to be real – because everything on the interwebz is real!  And any students out there, be sure to remember that crucial bit of information – if you saw it on the internets it has got to be real.  Next time you’re writing a paper for a class, when you’re looking for primary sources of material, why waste all of that time digging through books or accredited journals when you can just Google that junk up and BOOM!  Done deal.  Googlewebs.  It’s the future.  And that concludes my teaching for the day.

But you didn’t come here to be taught now, did you?!  No way, José!  You came here to look at the oh-so-wonderful seniorsamplesnaps of the one & only Mattea!  Because as much fun as it is to hear me fill your brains with all sorts of questionable information, it is way more fun to look at pictures!  Who needs words when you have pictures!  THE FUTURE!  IT’S HERE!  NO WORDS!  JUST PICTURES!  As a photographer, I like this future.  As a former future teacher, a solitary tear just rolled down my cheek.  But I didn’t get that teaching degree, so I don’t need all the words!  And you know what, this post doesn’t need any more words either!

But wait!  We do need to throw down a few more words.  Like, first of all, a huge MuchLove to Mattea for stopping down to the FunCenter for Pictographic Fun and letting us be a part of her Senior year – you were awesome!  And finally, to all my good peeps out there in Blogville that are probably just going to sell any books that you may still have (except for pop-up books and picture books) – Enjoy!

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Start Your Day With Maura!


For those of you that aren’t reading this post first thing in the morning as they sit there with their coffee and newspaper as the sun is rising over another beautiful later summer/early fall morning as you’re getting ready for what is sure to be another wonderful day at work/school/prison/whatever, the title of this post is not going to make much sense.

But as I type this, it is late at night and I’m sure that there will be at least one or two people (I’m really hoping that there are one or two people in the world that start their day off with a big ol’ plate of Otis & James) out there that will read this and think to themselves, ‘Gosh…it’s like their inside of my mind as I sit here with my bagel & creme cheese and slice of leftover pizza from a couple of days ago as I stand over the sink holding a two liter of flat Diet Dr. Pepper in my hand while I eat and surf the internet before I run out the door for school, because I can think of no better way to complete this beginning of my day than by looking at the sweetlyawesome samplesnaps of the one & only, the oh-so friendly Maura!

You see now, Maura came into our lives on a day that was a day like today in that the day ended with ‘day’, and she brightened up our lives in ways we never thought possible!  And how did she do this, you ask?  She did this by just being her wonderful self!  But as these words pile up it is getting even later and you gotta get going or else your gonna be late for work again and they’re going to give you a verbal written warning this time.  I would be remiss if we didn’t offer MuchLove to Maura for stopping by the FunCenter, and to all of our Peeps standing over the sink with that flat two liter of Diet Dr. Pepper in your hand – Enjoy!

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Would You Please Welcome Alison!


Just because it’s Sunday doesn’t mean that I can’t sequester myself in a constant climate controlled basement and tippytappytype up a new blog for you!  Actually, I just type up the words.  I don’t actually sit in front of the computer and put together a series of ones and zeroes in order to create a JPG file for you to look at.  That would take a lot of time, and it is Sunday, after all.

But I can still typetytype up some hiphophappy words about the one & only, the ever-lovely Alison!  Because here’s the story:  There was a day that was not all that long ago, but I know wasn’t today because as far as my memory goes I’m pretty sure that we’re not open on Sundays, but my memory has been known to be a little…how do I say…sketchy at times, I digress.  There was a day that wasn’t all that long ago when the doors to the FunCenter opened up and in walked the wonderful Alison!

She was lovely, she was spectacular, she was quite simply…Alison!  Which is also the name of a really good Elvis Costello song, but that’s a different story all together.  So, I need to stop tappitytapping on these keys and get to the part when I give a huge MuchLove to Alison for stopping by the FunCenter, and I tell you out there in your Lovely Land of Blog to – Enjoy!

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Local Boy Makes Good

Josh Duhamel  ||  Minot Rising

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do…   –Edward Everett Hale

Image ©Otis & James Photography, LLC and may not be used without permission.

Minot Rising || Meet & Greet Images!

My Peeps!  We’ve got some really wonderful images to show you – and they are wonderful because of the generosity of The Black Eyed Peas and Josh Duhamel in organizing and participating in the Minot Rising concert held this past Saturday!  What we have for you now are the Meet & Greet pics that were taken.

In addition to this gallery, you can also order prints from these images through our online secure ordering system which can be accessed BY CLICKING THIS GIANT LINK!

Stay tuned for more from the event!



So This Happened Last Night.

Minot Rising

It was a beautiful night, and we were so lucky to be a part of it!


Image ©Minot Area Community Foundation/Otis & James Photography and may not be used without permission.