O&JWYB v.7: Vanessa!

Our day today came to a thrilling (now, I’m not sure that thrilling is really the best adjective to use, and it seems to imply that there may have been something dangerous that went down…perphaps a car chase or a moment in which we would have to make a decision to be caught by the bad guys, or jump from the bridge to the train that was passing below…and to the best of my knowledge, none of this went down, but there were those few moments when I had to answer a telephone call and it was James and Vanessa ((or Nessie, to her closest of friends, but we’re still in that whole ‘we’ve only known one another for a few hours’ stage of a relationship, and it may not be appropriate, but maybe there would be that point further down the road in which something like this might happen, but I’m not going to wait for it to happen, but if it does, that’s good, but if not, that’s cool)) solo in the studio, and these things may have gone down, but it also seems to me that there would have been some evidence of this, like some cuts or bruises, and there were neither…in fact…they both looked normal…maybe even a little too normal) conclusion with a visit from new friend to Otis & James, Vanessa – Enjoy!

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O&JWYB v.6: Sneakin’ One In From Saturday!

We almost forgot to tell you, but I remembered just in the nick of time! Our Saturday (I know, I’m really jumping around here) concluded with a visit from an absolutely wonderful and eclectic group that tore up the studio with their totally rockin’ selves!

Our mission was to get some super-sweet clothing photographs, and do this we indeed did do! Thank you to everyone for coming down and for being so great to work with. Beautiful couture, beautiful people! Now a snap from the festivities – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

O&JWYB v.5: Chelse!

This afternoon we had the great pleasure of welcoming to the Otis & James Center for the Study of Things (O&JCFTSOT) none other than the lovely Chelse and her gang of assistants!

Why, you ask, did we have this great pleasure?? Well, the answer is none other than some souper (this is how I would like to spell the word from now on, as it reminds me of soup) fantastic Senior Portraits!

Again, could someone explain to me what the dilly-yo is on us and Seniors that are absolutely wonderful to work with? Chelse was a dream to work with, and we would like to extend the big ol’ Otis & James Thanks to her and her entourage for taking time to visit us on this beautiful afternoon. So, without any further waiting, let’s get to the snaps – Enjoy!

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O&JWYB v.4: Shawn & Kayla

Guess what we did with this lovely couple.
No, we didn’t buy them a carmel covered apple.
And we didn’t lock them in the studio while James and myself went next door to 10 North Main for dinner.
There are many things that we didn’t do, but one big one that we did…are you ready…WE WENT OUTSIDE!

Finally!! After months of breathing the incense filled air in the studio, we ventured out of our winter cocoon, and the results were fantastic!

But it wasn’t just the weather that was totally rockin’ it up, it was this couple that took things up a notch, and then went up one more just for good measure. Dang. They were good. I’ll be real wit ya for a second (see how hip that was.) The combo between these two things (the outside and their hotness) was a killer combo, and we’d now just like to quit this crazy, crazy talk and move on to the proof – Enjoy!

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O&JWYB v.3: Mondays Child(ren)

The old poem says that Mondays child is fair of face. Now, I really didn’t know what this was all about until this past Monday, as we welcomed two lovely ladies to the studio for some good ol’ fashioned Portrait Snaps!

I will tell you, I now know what that means, as these two were indeed fair of face (that’s also known as beautiful!)

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the week, and we thank these two for taking the time to visit us (and we thank their assistants too), and we would now like to offer up some snaps from our time together – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

O&JWYB v.2: Patty & Jenny!

Let’s just go straight up for a second.
Are you ready for some truth?
Because here it comes.


Straight up.

I could work with these two all day – whenever either steps into the Funcenter, time stops, and a euphoria sweeps over the joint like an ether cloud. I don’t know what that means.

What I do know is that this past Saturday afternoon we had the grat pleasure of welcoming old friends of Otis & James Patty & Jenny down for some good ol’ friends picxs! They even brought a scooter…A SCOOTER!! What more could we want??!! Anybody that brings a scooter is good. Scooter good. Otis happy.

Let’s just stop this nonsense and get to the snaps…you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the snaps. Enjoy!

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O&JWYB v.1: The Breakfast Club

In ways similar to the John Hughes classic, this past Saturday morning the Otis & James Center for the follicularly (and I’m really sure that this is not a word) challenged (that would be Otis) came alive with the energetic souls of six lovely children (not to mention their respective entourages) for some super-fantastic Cousins Pix!

The good times rolled and rolled – plenty of laughs, just a few tears, and an awesome amount of total and complete awesom-osity! What I’m trying to say is we had a great time with this group, and we thank them for coming down to the studio. So, Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James

Otis & James, Where You Been???!!!

We’ve been hiding.
Far far away.
But now we’re back.

Those of you familiar with marathon posting, you will know that there is usually an acronym, and tonight is no different.

So sit back, relax, and let O&JWYB (see the title of this post if you need an explanation) take the pain away. As evidence of our hiding, see if you can spot Otis in the following photograph. I’ll give you a hint – he’s (and I do love refering to myself in the third person) short, or ‘fluffy’, if you will. Enjoy.

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

McKinzey…Straight Up.

What else could we have expected other than her totally and completely owning her shoot? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang girl…you’re gonna hurt yourself in the brain if you keep this intense level of rockitude up.

As usual, much thanks for letting me wear your glasses (B-B-B Benny & The Jets Style), and for you faithful bloggerites out there – Enjoy!

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Today got off to an absolutely incredible start when new friend of Otis & James Kaylee (and her entourage) graced us with their presence for some fantascutacular (that word is indeed, hard to say) Senior Portraits!

Again, I’m not sure what the dilly-yo is, and I’m also not sure if that is the correct way to spell dilly-yo, but we have possibly the most incredible group of Seniors, and they just keep getting better and better!

Case in point was none other than our visit from Kaylee – I mean, how much harder can someone rock when having their portraits taken. I defy you to rock as awesome as she did! We had a great time working with her (as well as her entourage), and we would now like to stop all of this jibberish writing and take a look at some pics to prove these statements I have made – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography