O&JWYB v.7: Vanessa!

Our day today came to a thrilling (now, I’m not sure that thrilling is really the best adjective to use, and it seems to imply that there may have been something dangerous that went down…perphaps a car chase or a moment in which we would have to make a decision to be caught by the bad guys, or jump from the bridge to the train that was passing below…and to the best of my knowledge, none of this went down, but there were those few moments when I had to answer a telephone call and it was James and Vanessa ((or Nessie, to her closest of friends, but we’re still in that whole ‘we’ve only known one another for a few hours’ stage of a relationship, and it may not be appropriate, but maybe there would be that point further down the road in which something like this might happen, but I’m not going to wait for it to happen, but if it does, that’s good, but if not, that’s cool)) solo in the studio, and these things may have gone down, but it also seems to me that there would have been some evidence of this, like some cuts or bruises, and there were neither…in fact…they both looked normal…maybe even a little too normal) conclusion with a visit from new friend to Otis & James, Vanessa – Enjoy!

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  1. HOT D*MN!

    That’s sizzling.

    No wonder that little boy checked you out on the street on our way into the studio…


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