MHS Prom Super Teaser Post!

With goods these good, we had to give all you all a taster of just how truly awesome each & every person that stopped by FunCenter on Saturday was!  Now…it’s just a teaser, the rest of the pics are going to be up later this week – so check back soon for the rest!  For now, you’ve got a couple of different ways of looking at them (we’re all about the technology, you know?)  So, take your pick (no pun intented), a huuuuuuuge MuchLove to all of our happy Prom Peeps, and to all my good people of Blog just waiting for this – Enjoy!

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Heidi & Matthew!

If I were to be a teacher, and I were to give you an assignment, and the assignment was to give me the definition of the word ‘goodness’, and you would have to do it with visual imagery only, and you could only choose four images, and these four images had to capture all that is good and wonderful with the world, and show love, and joy, and happiness, and you had only twenty seconds to do this, and all you had in front of you was your laptop, and you were freaking out because you hate pressure, and there’s just so much out there on the Internet to choose from, and how on Earth do you define a word via pictures, and what is up with having this twenty second deadline, and your mind is about to explode…relax.

All you would have to do is look at the pics below, and present them to the class.  You would get an A.  Because Heidi & Matthew are all of those things, and a little bit more.  Alright class…assignment over.  Time now to give MuchLove to this wonderful couple for stopping by studio and allowing us to pictograph them, and to all my happy little readers of blog sitting in front of your digital reader box on a day so fine – Enjoy!

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Courtney & Cullen!

A while back, we had the goodly great pleasure of working with the one & only Courtney (via a friend named Kacy), and we knew all the way back then that she was a gem!  A real treat!  An honest to goodness lovely lady!  Life would have been good enough had we just had that short time together oh so long ago, but then she had to do something that made life even better.  She came back, and this time…she brought a man by the name of Cullen with her!

It was as if the sun shone a little brighter, the birds chirped a little louder, the rainbow actually did lead to a pot of gold, and all the children of the world sang together in unity that Coke song from that commercial.  All at the same time.  Yep.  This is what working with this awesome couple was like.  I bet you’re sitting there now, wondering how on Earth I can say such things?  Well, it’s because I have this computer that makes updates to the blog, and you don’t.  I also have proof via what I like to call the samplesnaps just a few more words away to back me up.

So take that.  MuchLove & ManyThanks to this wonderful couple for stopping by Center so Fun & giving us a little bit of their sweet & precious time, and to you – my faithful reader of blog – Enjoy!

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The Family Edison!

Have I ever told you that the family that rocks together is the family that stays together?  I know that over the years I’ve told all of you a lot of different things, with most of them just being straight up plain ol’ gibberish, but this one is a golden nugget of truth!  Well, perhaps I should say that the family that rocks together, has more fun than the family that doesn’t.  Either way, I’m about to prove it to you.

Do you know how I’m going to do this?  Well, via telling the story of the day when the doors of the FunCenter opened up, and in came strolling in The Family Edison!  I knew it was going to be a good time right off the bat.  And you want to know why?  Matching shirts.  But not lame matching shirts, like, they’re all wearing weird airbrushed cat shirts.  Nope.  We’re talking matching AC/DC shirts.  Yep.  My family wasn’t that cool.  We would be more likely to wear those matching cat shirts.

They proved themselves not just in having good taste in music, but also being totally and completely awesome to work with!  We’d like to take a moment to give a huuuuuge MuchLove & ManyThanks to this wonderful family for stopping down to the FunCenter & brightening up our lives, and to you, my good peeps of blog – Enjoy!

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As If Life Couldn’t Get Any Better, It’s Mikaila & Tucker!

Let me tell you a little secret.  Over here, in Land of Blog, it’s always sunny, 74º, light humidity, there’s no crime, no war, no sorrow, none of that junk.  Nope.  We keep all of that away.  Instead, we have an abundance of smiles, laughs, good times, and pure wonderful beauty!

For example, let’s take a look at an absolutely wonderful couple that I will call Mikaila & Tucker…well…you can call them that too!  I dare you, I just dare you to look at their awesome samplesnaps and not feel a little bit of joy inside of your heart, a smile creep across your face, and for a moment – everything else will just melt away and you’ll be caught up in the goodness that is this dynamic duo!  Really.  I dare you.

This is why it’s good to take a small portion of your day and take a vacation in Blogville.  And you know what, you should start with Mikaila & Tucker.  In fact, I could think of no better place to start.  Because they were absolutely wonderful to work with!  Our time together was all too fleeting, but…we’ll always have these wonderful sample snaps to remind us of the good times we had together.  We shouldn’t get too sad that this time is over, because we are also going to have the pleasure of being at their wedding!  But that’s a ways off.  We’re just going to look at these pics for now.

Well, I’m rambling.  Now it is time for us to give MuchLove & ManyThanks to this supercouple for stopping down and giving us some of their sweet & precious time, and to all of my good people out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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It’s The Lovely Ladies Jensen!

Oh hi there.  It’s me again.  Yeah.  The guy that types all of the nonsensical words.  Sometimes these words have meaning, most of the time they don’t.  Regardless of the words, the outcome is always the same.  Once I have completed my frenzied typing, there are always lovely samplesnaps just a-waitin’ for you to lay your eyes upon.  Some may call this formulaic.  I call it a no-fail recipe for awesomeness!

Speaking of this awesomeness, the doors to the Otis & James Center For The Study of Good Times, The Television Show And The Actual Act of Good Times (O&JCFTSOGTTTSATAAOGT) opened on up on a day not all that long ago, and in came strutting in The Lovely Ladies Jensen!

You see, my dear dear Friends of Blog, they were needing some sweetly pictosnaps taken.  Why, you may be asking yourselves did they need this?  Well, due to their abundance of beauty, they felt it best to share it.  I think they made the right decision.  What this world needs now is more of what they got – pure wondrous awesome beauty!  Well, I’m gonna put all of these crazy words to rest now, but before I do, I’d like to give a huge helping of MuchLove to these lovely ladies for stopping by, and to all the good citizens of Blogville keeping our virtual streets safe – Enjoy!

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Check This Out, It’s The Family Locken!

Are you ready to party?  I said, ARE YOU READY TO PAR-TAY!  Because I’m about to provide an explosion of picto-riffic goodness that can only be called…The Family Locken!  You heard me!  SO LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

Let me give you the background.  See, there was this time when the doors to the magical photo-emporium that we all the Otis & James was just sitting, waiting for some lovely people to come through the doors so we could snap the snaps (that’s photo-grapher speak for ‘take pictures.)  Lo, and behold, in walks in The Family Locken.  And like a match made in Heaven, they had the goods, we had the camera, and the rest – as they say in Hollywood – was magic!

But shucks now, I could continue on for days with these rambling words about what a lovely bunch this was to work with, and how our time together was filled to the brim with sunshine & rainbows & two unicorns [ed.  Are there fumes where you are typing this?] but instead of doing that, we’re just going to give a huge helping of MuchLove to this wonderful family for stopping by, and to you – my faithful of the blog – Enjoy!

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I’ll Tell You What’s Going On…It’s Leah & Donald!

I bet you didn’t even think that I asked you what was going on, but – you see – I knew you’re were going to be asking at some point what was going on.  Yep, read your mind on that one.  It’s all part of being a 21st century photog-ary studio.  Don’t got time to waste waiting for the questions to be asked, gotta skip ahead to the answer.  Technology.  It’s crazy.  Back to what’s going on.  Or rather, I should say, back to who has it going on.

The answer to this?  Leah & Donald.  Yep.  Got it going on.  Oh, and then your sitting there thinking, ‘How can he say this?  What does he have to back these facts up?’, but again, I’m not going to wait for you to ask me this, I’m just going to blow your mind with some sweetlysamplesnaps and then, then, you will have all of the empirical data that you need to understand this statement as fact.

So, let me be clear.  They had it going on.  But, as if that wasn’t enough, they were also a dee-lite to work with.  Yep.  No joke.  Well, I know that your minds are blown by the words that have just hit your mind, so I’m going to let it rest now.  Before I do that, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a big ol’ MuchLove & ManyThanks to this wonderful couple for stopping by the studio and giving us a little bit of their time.  And to you, my good Citizens of Blogville – Enjoy!

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Sweet Bippy…It’s Alexa!

I’m going to spare you all of the crazy words, because this young lady – the one & only Alexa – doesn’t need all sorts of crazy gibberish filling up the space before you can gaze ever-so-lovingly at her sweetlysweet samplesnaps!  So, we’re instead just going to give a huge MuchLove & ManyThanks to this lovely lady for stopping by FunCenter and gracing us with her presence ever so briefly!

Oh, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog just a waitin’ for some new pics to feast your eyes upon – Enjoy!

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