Check This Out, It’s The Family Locken!

Are you ready to party?  I said, ARE YOU READY TO PAR-TAY!  Because I’m about to provide an explosion of picto-riffic goodness that can only be called…The Family Locken!  You heard me!  SO LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

Let me give you the background.  See, there was this time when the doors to the magical photo-emporium that we all the Otis & James was just sitting, waiting for some lovely people to come through the doors so we could snap the snaps (that’s photo-grapher speak for ‘take pictures.)  Lo, and behold, in walks in The Family Locken.  And like a match made in Heaven, they had the goods, we had the camera, and the rest – as they say in Hollywood – was magic!

But shucks now, I could continue on for days with these rambling words about what a lovely bunch this was to work with, and how our time together was filled to the brim with sunshine & rainbows & two unicorns [ed.  Are there fumes where you are typing this?] but instead of doing that, we’re just going to give a huge helping of MuchLove to this wonderful family for stopping by, and to you – my faithful of the blog – Enjoy!

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