Yo! Need a Prom Pic For Facebook?

Then we have good news!  All you gotta do is just e.mail us at info@otisandjames.com with the pose number(s) you would like, and we’ll e.mail them right off to you – easy as that!

So, what are you waiting for – send those e.mails!


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MHS Supersneakpeek Pictographs!

My peeps.  Check this out.  In just a short while (sometime in the next 24 hours) all of the MHS Prom Pics will be online.  But, because we know you might be waiting, we’re putting up just a little taster of all the awesomeness that went down at our studio this past Saturday!

Now, we know it’s just a taster – but you gotta be patient!  We’re going to have all of the goods online before you know it.  So, sit back, relax a little bit, and be sure to – Enjoy!

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We are filled with sadness.

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