Alright…Let’s Take a Breather.

You see?!  I wasn’t kidding.  Now that’s a lot of sweet sweet senior pictographic goodness that just went down there.  And there’s still more yet to come.  But we need to relax for just a second to let all you good peeps catch your breath.  There will be more in just a bit!

OK, Let Me Interject Something Here…

OK.  Before we get to caught up in this whole blog madness that’s about to occur, regular readers (reader?) of blog know that I usually put some sort of an acronym before the person’s name when we’re putting up a bagigillion new entries.  Well, changing it up a bit.  Not gonna do that.  Not right now. Instead, we’re going to go with how I feel at the moment.  And I feeling like grooving.  Grooving on, as a matter of fact.  So, all of you are going to groove on with me.

Ready?  Here we go.