Heidi & Megan!

Our Saturday kept on keepin’ on, and next up was a visit from super-deluxe sisters, Heidi & Megan!

Even though good ol’ Otis & James looked like two deer caught in headlights when they walked down the Red Hallway of Anticipation (RHOA) and into the inner sanctum, we soon realized that we were in store for a great shoot – as these two were sweety-sweets to work with! Sweety sweets are sometimes known as double-sweets, but either way it’s sweet to the power of two, with a few more just added for good measure!

Again, they were awesome, and we gots ourselves some pretty sweet snaps. But really, don’t take my word for it, look at the pics – Enjoy!

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This past Saturday morning, right after my normal watching of the sunrise and composing poetry perched high above the valley of Minot on a grassy hill, which is followed by some flute playing (which natch leads to a bird landing on my shoulder), I sauntered off on my steed and met up at the studio with my right-hand-lady James (which doesn’t seem right to have a lady named James, but it’s all good) and then both of us were joined up by new friend to Otis & James, the lovely Stephanie!

The cause – some super snappy senior pickies (and it’s OK if the term ‘pickies’ makes you want to slap me)! She came in ready to rock – and you know what – rock she did! She rocked, she tore it up, she was totally sweet/awesome!

We would like to thank Stephanie for coming down to the Funcenter on this lovely morn, and we would like to show our thanks by offering up some snaps from the day – Enjoy!

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Thursday afternoon the O&J Funcenter opened up the doors and welcomed new friend Ethan, and his lovely assistant/old friend to Otis & James, Autumn to the center (which is what I will be calling the studio from now on – the center) for some sweet sweet photo-graphs!

We wish there could be some way that Ethan could teach classes to everyone in his age group on how to rock it up when coming through the doors of the O&J Funcenter – as he was the master of totally and completely rocking it up!

He was a dream to work with, as his gentle & nuanced approach to modeling was quite simply sublime! We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Ethan & his assistant for making time for us this afternoon – you guys made our day!

Well, it’s getting late and I am starting to ramble. So before I get too deep – Enjoy!

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Lacie, Lindsey, Matia & Natalie…The Glenburn Four!

With a name like the Glenburn Four, you would think that they were responsible for any number of felonious acts. Let us, for a moment, ponder this statement.

Maybe that’s their game. Remember that movie Point Break with Keanu Reeves and that other guy that was in that one movie Dirty Dancing…uhh…hold on…it’ll come to me…Patrick Swayze! But in this movie they wear these masks that are of the ex-Presidents – Carter, Nixon, Ford, Reagan – their gang was called the ‘ex-Presidents’. Did you know that I am the biggest fan ever of this movie? After reading this description, I’m sure you do.

But maybe that’s their gig. They get dressed up and all look crazy beautiful, and this throws people off. They think, “How can women that look so incredible be committing such felonious acts?” And all of this thinking about stuff like that provides the perfect distraction. I smell a movie!

I may have completely flipped my lid, but I think that this is a good idea. Not in real life, but for a movie…or perhaps one of those Lifetime movies. Alright, let’s reign this thing back to Earth for a second.

Did I mention that in no way does Otis & James Photography, or any of its subsidiaries condone any form of felonious acts in any way, and in no way actually implies that any of these lovely ladies would ever in a million years ever be involved with anything like said acts? Alright.

Seriously, we couldn’t have had any more fun, and couldn’t have found a better way to end our night than with a visit from these Old Friends of Otis & James! We thank them for their dress rehearsal for the big night, and would like to wish them well with the actual performance, and would like to give a huge thanks for putting up with this horribly long post, and for being so completely awesome – Enjoy!

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Marc & Kayla

Our Wedesday continued with a totally awesome (when exactly did my speech and writing patterns become stuck in the awful 80’s way that they so painfully seem to be?) visit from new friends of Otis & James, Marc & Kayla!

Man, I’ll tell you something. These two tore it up – mad style! We had a great time working with this soon to be Mr. & Mrs. (remember, once you have the engagement pics taken, it’s a done deal), and as I’ve said before and I’ll say again – the couple that photographs well together is the couple that will stay together. Again, I’m actually not an expert on this or for that matter any other subject, but behind the doors of the superstudio I pretend that I am many things and that I know everything.

Back to the story, they rocked. No lie, no joke, they straight up rocked! We would like to throw a big ol’ O&J thanks their way for hangin’ a little long for us as we started out. We hope that our worst case scenarios from our wedding experiences didn’t scare you too much. In hindsight, probably not the best subject to go over with those that are soon to their big day. Just forget we ever said anything, and that we just took the pics. Well, now that I’ve got that off my chest – Enjoy!

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Does this thing work if left in the rain, or hit with a stick to the beat of the music, or will it just combust?

What’s the deal with these cats? Do I really ‘Gotta Love ‘Em (unless they have an eye patch) – which is actually the title of a really great ’50’s country & western song – do I?

Questions, my dear bloggerites, questions that make my head hurt. But there is no question about our new friend, Andrew.

Andrew, thanks for the mems (that’s short for memories – it’s about the abbrev’s ’round here.) You made our hump day (I don’t know if that term should be put into writing, as there is something not quite right about it) perfect.

Seriously, what’s the deal with these cats?

Don’t be deceived by the glasses…the middle one is trouble. Serious.

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This is Aileen.
She came down to the studio this past Tuesday evening for some super awesome snaps.

Can you guess what it is that Aileen will be doing at some point coming up soon?
I’m going to give you a hint:

It rhymes with bedding.

Aileen was very nice, (I say this because she laughed at my dumb jokes…or perhaps she was just laughing at me…hmm) and we say Thanks Be To Her (and her assistant-in-law) for giving us such a great end to the day!


Elyse…The Conclusion!

Many months ago, in fact it may have even been years ago, in fact Elyse may have started her Senior Portraits when she was still in grade school, in fact she may have even started them before we were born.

Ponder that, if you will, and then you will understand how exciting it was to experience the thrilling conclusion of Senior Portraits this past Tuesday for the one and only Elyse! We stared out at the home (where we had the great pleasure of experiencing all sorts of totally awesome animals – even a Llama ((do you capitalize that?)) – it was crazy!), and from there moved to super-windy bridges, and then some downtown, and then back to the Studio of Fun for the final snaps!

It was whirlwind, it was an adventure, and it couldn’t have been any easier due to the hard work of the lovel Elyse and her assistant – Mom! We would like to thank this dynamic duo for their great work, and their patience over the past year. So, we would now like to offer up some snaps from the day – Enjoy!

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Our Tuesday morning got off to an absolutely wonderful start as the O&J Superfuncenter for Fun was jump-started with the exuberence of the absolutely wonderful Alisha!

As I always state about mornings, I’m not all that into them. I know that this will continue to cause problems with my relationship with the rest of the world, as it seems that most of the world tries to function during the nine to five time frame. But if working with lovely and talented individuals such as Alisha during these scary morning hours continues, I may have to change my mind about the morning.

You see, the morning became an absolutely wonderful place in which the cheerful sunny disposition of the birds and sun and all that didn’t bother me in the ways in which it normally does. Oh no, Alisha made it all wonderful – it was a dream to work with her, and I would now like to stop all of this crazy rambling and just get down to buis-nast and show you some snaps – and before I get to the enjoyment part, a big thank you to Alisha for spending time with us, and for being so great to work with – Enjoy!

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Have You Checked Out…

The new tab in at the top of the window that says ‘Order Status’? All the kool kids are doing it. You should too.

Why, you ask?

Well, if you are an Otis & James customer that has placed an order, it is the quickest way to find out if it is ready for pickup! There’s all sorts of names in there right now, maybe you are one of them – Crazy! You can even find a direct link to this directly from the home page. Double Crazy!

Just one more way we’re doing stuff…important stuff…stuff for you.