Lacie, Lindsey, Matia & Natalie…The Glenburn Four!

With a name like the Glenburn Four, you would think that they were responsible for any number of felonious acts. Let us, for a moment, ponder this statement.

Maybe that’s their game. Remember that movie Point Break with Keanu Reeves and that other guy that was in that one movie Dirty Dancing…uhh…hold on…it’ll come to me…Patrick Swayze! But in this movie they wear these masks that are of the ex-Presidents – Carter, Nixon, Ford, Reagan – their gang was called the ‘ex-Presidents’. Did you know that I am the biggest fan ever of this movie? After reading this description, I’m sure you do.

But maybe that’s their gig. They get dressed up and all look crazy beautiful, and this throws people off. They think, “How can women that look so incredible be committing such felonious acts?” And all of this thinking about stuff like that provides the perfect distraction. I smell a movie!

I may have completely flipped my lid, but I think that this is a good idea. Not in real life, but for a movie…or perhaps one of those Lifetime movies. Alright, let’s reign this thing back to Earth for a second.

Did I mention that in no way does Otis & James Photography, or any of its subsidiaries condone any form of felonious acts in any way, and in no way actually implies that any of these lovely ladies would ever in a million years ever be involved with anything like said acts? Alright.

Seriously, we couldn’t have had any more fun, and couldn’t have found a better way to end our night than with a visit from these Old Friends of Otis & James! We thank them for their dress rehearsal for the big night, and would like to wish them well with the actual performance, and would like to give a huge thanks for putting up with this horribly long post, and for being so completely awesome – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. VOGUE here we come! THANK U THANK U THANK U!! u guys rocked our socks and the pictures look AMAZING! AGH! i’m so happy, i stayed up to see em’! who needs sleep anyway!! u guys are the bomb-diggity!


  2. we love you guys..thanks so much:) thanks for the bud, bud;) haha..thanks again..we had too much fun..if thats possible..:) thanks again!

  3. HOLY TOLEDO!! You girls are so amazingly beautiful, I cant wait to see you at grand march. Love You!! A Carroll

  4. You girls all look gorgeous!! It looks like you had fun doing it too! The pics are awesome! I love the outside backgrounds!

  5. You girls are beautiful! I can’t wait to see you in like two weeks! Love ya!


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