Our Old (Not That Old) Friend, Sara!

Dear Diary,

We spent a little bit of quality time with our old friend, Sara, to tie up a couple of loose ends from last year (like the fact that the Gods would not cooperate with us at all during any part of our outdoor session.) This time, however, was different (umm…imagine that being said with that really deep voice that the guy from movie previews uses.)

It was like, destiny for those previous times to not have worked out, because this time was like, freakin’ awesome! It all came together perfectly; sun, wind, temperature, you name it – it was perfect! I may not understand the plan sometimes, but I do know that we sure are thankful that we got to spend this little bit o’ quality time with Sara, ’cause like, I was starting to wonder if there was some sort of a grand conspiracy.

But, tonight proved otherwise, and I can just put all of that conspiracy talk aside, unless you ask me about that whole JFK thing.

Alright, my dear Diary, it’s time for us to close it up and move to the snaps – Enjoy!

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Monday Morning, Sheila, a Horse, and the Beach.

Do you ever play that game, ‘I went on a trip, and I brought a …’, and you’re supposed to fill in the word with the next corresponding letter of the alphabet? Like, you would be all like:

Person One: I went on a trip and I brought an apple.
Person Two: I went on a trip, and I brought a banananana.
Person One: I went on a trip, and I brought a camera.
Person One: I went on a trip, and I brought a donkey.
Person Two: I went on a trip, and I brought an eskimo.
Person One: I went on a trip, and I brought a fudgesicle.

And this could, in theory, go on for infinity. Well, the title of the post is like that, but you would also have to throw in a couple of Aunts, a couple of trucks, and an otisjames. What, you ask, was all of this all about?

Let me tell you, my fellow bloggers, we assemblemd this jamboree of objects and we hit that beach, Normandy style (a’ight, let’s hear it for hizzo ((history)) jokes in the stizzo ((that means studio, y’all, got it?))), and the cause was the superseniorsnaps of the one and only Sheila!

What can I tell you about this totally awesome Senior, and the totally awesome time we had, other than to say that it was totally awesome, and really, does it get any better than that? I didn’t think so. So instead of wasting my prescious adjectives and ruining the pureness of this total awesomeosity, I think that I will just say thank you to Sheila and her lovely assistants for being so great to work with, and to all of the peeps in the blogland waiting for it – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

Do You Think You Can Handle One From Lexi??

Or two..or three…or four…or five…but can you handle six?? This is the question that I pose to all of you peeps out there in blogland. Now, you may have thought that you could handle one, or maybe even two, but I think you may have to sit back and truly ask yourself if you can handle the sheer volume of awesomelisciousness that is six glorious snaps of the one and only Lexi!

There is no way for me to describe, in the limited grunt like speak that I try to pass off as being the english language, how sweet the snaps we got during our time with the lovely Lexi (I do love the alliteration!) There is no way for me to really put into words the righteousosity that was our time with Lexi, no way for you to truly understand these things.

So, instead of rambling on with some sort of pseudo-deranged rambling on and on about one thing or another that may, but probably doesn’t have anything to do with the post, they’re just words that are there for the sake of being there, which also happens to be the working title of my autobiography (Words For The Sake of Being There: The Story of Otis), which will only delay your looking at her totally awesome sample snaps, I will just say ‘Thank You’ to the one and only Lexi for being so great to work with, and to the rest of you foo’s out there in blogland – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

Amanda, Queen of the Bale!

Yesterday, which is called the Day of the Sun (translation: Sunday), we got to spend a little bit of quality time with the one and only Amanda, and the reason was not just to say hello, it was to get some rockinsweet Senior Snaps!

After fighting the weather for the first couple of attempts, Amanda held out for an absolutely gorgeous day, not too hot, not too cold, not to sunny, not too cloudy – it was perf (translation: perfect), and we were so happy to spend it with someone as lovely as the lovely (and I know that’s bad grammar, but sometimes you gotta put two lovelies in there) Amanda, and her equally as lovely assistant (tranlation: Mom)!

We had a great time working together, and I will go as far as to say that the snaps we gots were totally and completely awesome, and this is because Amanda is totally and completely awesome, and when you’re working with someone that is this awesome, what are ya gonna expect!

Much thanks to Amanda and assistant for taking a little bit o’ time for us today, and to all you all out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

Sunset & Puddles & Kyle & Rhonda!

Do you know what we did this past Thursday evening?? Do Ya?? Well, let me fill you in on the det’s (again, this is superlingo of photo-graphers, and it is short for ‘details, but I can’t be expected to continually explain these things to you, you’re gonna have to start figuring it out sooner or later, and it’s pro’ly gonna be better if it’s sooner, rather than later).

We had a little sunset, we had some puddles, we had a Kyle, and we had a Rhonda, and we put them all into the giant mixing bowl that is O&J, and we came up with some superawesome Engagement Snaps! The resulting product?? Well, I say they absolutely rocked, but it was all them; we just happened to be there with a CMOS sensor with a composite plastic shell and a lens or two to capture it. That means we had a camera.

So, enough with all of this jibberin’ and jabberin’, and let’s move on to what you really came here to see, some sample snaps…so – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

Nikki = Totally Righteous Snaps • ∞ !!

In honor of skool starting up, I though that I would throw a mathematic-al statment at you. And, uh, if you have problems reading it, and this may or may not be because I really don’t know anything about math, other than the basic skills that I need to keep my checkbook in order, so…what I’m trying to say is that ‘Nikki = Totally Righteous Snaps Times Infinity!!’ – you got that??!! It’s times freakin’ Infinity!

If you think about this math-a-matic-al statement too long, there’s a pretty good chance that your head will explode, due to holes appearing in the fabric of our universe, so I suggest that we instead focus (and there is no photo-graphic pun intended by that…I swear) on the beauty that is the photo-graphs of the one and only Nikki!!

Let us look in awe, and wonder how it is that so much awesomeness can be had by one person…let us see how she has total and complete control over all that is good in the universe, and how she takes all of these elements and puts them together in a mashup of life that we will forever know as being her Senior Snaps!

What does all of this mean??!! I’m not sure, but one thing that I am sure of is that we would like to thank Nikki and her lovely assistant (Mom) for taking time on a beautiful Sunday for us, and we would now like to offer up some super-sweet-sample-snaps as a reward to all of you out there in blogland – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

Jade & Erica

Our adventure continued. This time it fell at the feet of a lovely couple that goes by the names of Jade & Erica. They live in a far away place called the Cities Twin, or, if you want to fit in with their culture you would call them the Twin Cities.

They returned to their native land, to the land of Dakota (I should write for ND Tourism if I keep this up…all we need is that man with the deep and gravely voice to do the voice-over work…give them a call sometime and you’ll know what I mean), in order to celebrate their vows, or, if you want to fit in to their culture, you would call say to ‘celebrate their marriage!

What I’m really trying to say here, in a really really really convoluted way is that if we go off into the O&J Wayback Machine, to a place called a couple of Sats (that’s photo-graphic shorthand lingo for Saturday, squares ((and that’s super-double lingo for those which are not in the photo-graphic know))) ago we had the good fortune of being a part of the gorgeous wedding that was the wedding of Jade & Erica (does that make sense??)!!

It was beautiful, straight up. There are all sorts of complimentary adjectives that I could use, but I don’t know if any of them could really do justice to the lovelyosity, or gorgeousness that was this day. We just thank our lucky stars of photo-graphs that we were a part of it, and to the newly-wed couple, we say thank you for letting us do just that. You got it? Well, seeing as how my writing indicates that I may have suffered a brain injury somewhere after the first three words, I think it best if I just say thanks to all that made this day so great, and to y’all that are a part of the ether out there in blogland – Enjoy!

:: click images for larger ::

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Chris & Shannon

Gather ’round, and follow me on a voyage through time. Hop aboard the O&J Wayback Machine as we travel to a time that was a Friday Friday past, to a special time that we shall call the wedding of Chris & Shannon!

Now, even though this opening sentence of the post was filled to the brim with absolute cheez (that’s what us hipsters call cheese…you know…Velveeta), this wedding was filled with nothing but absolute wonderfulality! It’s not even a word…that’s how awesome it was! All was good with every aspect of this sweet day, and we just considered ourselves lucky enough to be a small part of it, and for this we’d like to offer up the ol’ O&J ‘Thank You’ (worthy of its own quotes, mind you) to them and to one and all involved with the day for making our time so easy – it is not us that makes photo-graphs good, it is those that are in the photo-graphs that make them great. I found that in a fortune cookie.

With all of this milling around our collective blogheads, me thinks it be time to put all of these tired words to bed, and instead head below (under other circumstances, that could have been the start of a beautiful poem, but this is not the time nor the place) and gaze at the lovely pixels that are the wedding of Chris & Shannon – Enjoy!

:: click images for larger ::

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Derek & Tammara!

Just a little bit ago, in the time that we shall call ‘the week before last’, we were visited later in the evening, perhaps it was on a ‘Monday’ (I’m putting everything in quotes today..Monday it’s two for one at the useless punctuation store), if you will, perhaps this lovely couple came in for some superawesome Engagement Snaps, heck, not even perhaps, it is true…they did come in for some superawesome Engagement Snaps, and some superawesome Engagement Snaps they did get!

If you peel away the layers of jibberish that are above these current words, you will find that what I’m trying to say is that we had a great time working with this wonderful couple, and we look forward to the main event, which will be here any day now…well…we actually know for sure when it will be, but I like to keep this ambiguity going as much as I can, but we can hardly wait!

Enough, enough already of my tired old words, let’s get to some supersamplesnaps of the festivities, and don’t forget to – Enjoy!

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Hayden…Master of the First Birthday!

At first, the title that popped into mind was ‘Hayden…Rockin’ the Big 1!’, but on second reading the title seemed to not be quite right (like, I could imagine Jamie getting all up in my grille ((ummm…I’m tryin’ that one out for the first time, and I’m not sure if I am using it in a contextually correct manner, not mannor)) telling me that I need to change that title ASAP). I think I’ll stick with the ‘Master of the …’ version instead.

Having worked with this young man before, we knew that our time together was going to be awesome, because Hayden is a total and complete rockstar in the world of Childrens Portraits, so much so that I think he should conduct seminars on cuteness – you know, PowerPoint presentation and the like, but I think he’s gonna hold off on that for just a little while, or at least until he can type efficiently.

Did he disappoint?? Heck No!! In fact, he turned up the cuteness factor to about 125%, and the resulting goods are totally sweet! But don’t just take my word for it, let’s go to the snaps, but not before first wishing this young man a happy 1st Bday – Enjoy!

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