Hayden…Master of the First Birthday!

At first, the title that popped into mind was ‘Hayden…Rockin’ the Big 1!’, but on second reading the title seemed to not be quite right (like, I could imagine Jamie getting all up in my grille ((ummm…I’m tryin’ that one out for the first time, and I’m not sure if I am using it in a contextually correct manner, not mannor)) telling me that I need to change that title ASAP). I think I’ll stick with the ‘Master of the …’ version instead.

Having worked with this young man before, we knew that our time together was going to be awesome, because Hayden is a total and complete rockstar in the world of Childrens Portraits, so much so that I think he should conduct seminars on cuteness – you know, PowerPoint presentation and the like, but I think he’s gonna hold off on that for just a little while, or at least until he can type efficiently.

Did he disappoint?? Heck No!! In fact, he turned up the cuteness factor to about 125%, and the resulting goods are totally sweet! But don’t just take my word for it, let’s go to the snaps, but not before first wishing this young man a happy 1st Bday – Enjoy!

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