Derek & Tammara!

Just a little bit ago, in the time that we shall call ‘the week before last’, we were visited later in the evening, perhaps it was on a ‘Monday’ (I’m putting everything in quotes today..Monday it’s two for one at the useless punctuation store), if you will, perhaps this lovely couple came in for some superawesome Engagement Snaps, heck, not even perhaps, it is true…they did come in for some superawesome Engagement Snaps, and some superawesome Engagement Snaps they did get!

If you peel away the layers of jibberish that are above these current words, you will find that what I’m trying to say is that we had a great time working with this wonderful couple, and we look forward to the main event, which will be here any day now…well…we actually know for sure when it will be, but I like to keep this ambiguity going as much as I can, but we can hardly wait!

Enough, enough already of my tired old words, let’s get to some supersamplesnaps of the festivities, and don’t forget to – Enjoy!

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