Afternoon Break: Jenna Time!

Let’s continue this afternoon siesta that we’re taking on a hot fall day with a visit from the lovely Jenna!  I’m going to break this one down real easy for you now.  Jenna needed some senior pics because…you know…she’s a senior.  So she decided to stop by the Otis and the James to have some seniorpictosnaps taken.  Because of being a senior and what-not.  And we, being the pictosnappers happened to have a studio and cameras and stuff, so it was kind of a match made in heaven, you know?!

Now I suppose you’re asking yourself, ‘self…how did these seniorpictosnaps turn out?’ – well, you can tell your self that they turned out just fine.  In fact, they turned out better than fine they were completely awesome – and that’s because Jenna was completely awesome to work with!  We just happened to have studio/cameras/stuff.  Not really sure what this ‘stuff’ is that I keep mentioning but I’m sure we’ve got it in a box in the basement somewhere.  But enough about that.

We need to send MuchLove to Jenna for letting us be a small part of her senior year, and to all of my Little Friends of Blog (LFOB’s) – Enjoy!

Afternoon Break: Kaitlyn Time!

Alright just put down everything that you have going on right now because it’s time for an afternoon break because doggone it you deserve it, right?  Right!  So sit back in your whatever it is that you’re sitting on (comfy chair/cardboard box/don’t really make a difference as long as you’re taking a load off) because I’m gonna spin you a yarn about a time that wasn’t all that long ago when a lovely lady by the name of Kaitlyn stopped by the O to the J to have her seniorpictosnaps taken, and I’m here to reassure you – my good people of blog – that Kaitlyn was totally awesome to work with!

Alas, as I’ve said many times before, you can hardly call this work when the people that we work with are so wonderful!  As usual our time was all too fleeting (I guess it would be kind of weird if we kept our seniors here forever plus there might be some laws that we would be breaking too) so it’s just best that we savor the memories of picture taking time through the samplesnaps below!  But wait!  Before you go off and check out the goods we gotta give MuchLove to Kaitlyn for being so awesome, and to the rest of you peeps enjoying a late September day when it is 90º+ out right now – Enjoy!

The Lovely Jasmine!

Amirite or what?  The title.  It says it all!  Jasmine is absolutely lovely and we wish that every day could be a Jasmine day at the Otis & James Pictography Studio (originally our name but we decided that it was too wordy…it was either that or ‘Precious Sweet Loving Tender Moments Photography.’  I kid.  But if you happen to be an up and coming new photographer and are trying to think of a name for your business you can have that name.  No charge.  It’s all yours.  Your welcome.) but alas every day isn’t Jasmine day at the o&j (that rhymed) – but that’s ok.

And the reason that it’s OK is that we had our moment of seniorawesomeness already and that’s enough because we don’t want to be greedy and we want everyone else out there in this big ol’ world of ours to be able to experience Jasmine!  We’re not greedy, yo.  So we’re just going to give MuchLove to Jasmine for letting us be a small part of her world during her senior year, and to all my happy peeps out there in Blogworld being the awesome peeps that you are – Enjoy!


It’s Alyssa Time!

You see, there is time – the kind of time that we use to measure the way the Earth revolves around the sun and rotation of said Earth and how this affects our day and movements and activities and how it allows us to perceive length in relation to our existence, and then there is Alyssa Time!

Alyssa time requires much less theoretical thinking and makes my brain hurt a lot less.  Alyssa time is filled to the brim with happiness and goodness as is evidenced by the oh-so-happy pictures below these words.  And Alyssa time for the o&j was all to quick as she stopped in to have her superseniorpictosnaps taken.

But the thing about time is that we have this ability to capture moments of it via our magic camera machine – so we’ll always have the visual memories of that moment when we shared some time together!  I think my mind is going to explode now.  So, before that happens we need to give Alyssa MuchLove for stopping by and letting us share some of her…time?  And to all you other good peeps out there in Blogville just wastin’ time – Enjoy!


Wednesday. Justin. Boom.

Like the title of this thing says, it’s Wednesday (well, it is right now as I’m putting this up on blog).  It’s Justin.  Boom.  What else do you need?  What’s that?  You need some more words?  Well I’m afraid that you’re out of luck on that one because there’s no need for me to put a bunch of silly ol’ words up here in the area where words go at.

Nope.  Instead I’m just going to keep it simple.  I’m only going to tell you that there was a time, there was a place, there was a Justin, there was the 0 to the j and then there were superseniorpics.  Hence the ‘boom.’  So we’re just gonna cut out all of that superfluous stuff and just send Justin MuchLove for stopping by the FunCenter for his senior pics, and to all you happy peeps out there in Land of Blog enjoying the things that you enjoy!

Get With The Plan…It’s Jocci!

Are you with the plan or are you confused by the plan?  If you forgot what the plan is, let me give you a primer.  The plan involves you looking at these silly words for a second and then going down to the happy pictures below and then enjoying the pure awesomeness that Jocci brought to the o and to the j FunCenter during her superseniorpictosnaps.

So are you in?  Are you a part of this plan??  You are?!  Well then, I declare that you are not going to be missing out on anything (which I was kind of worried about for a second or two there) and instead you are going to be getting all sorts of awesome all up in your computer grille real quick like!  But before any of that, we need to give MuchLove to Jocci for stopping by and letting us spend a little bit of time with her so we could do the whole picture thing, and then we need to tell all of you good peeps out there in Blogland to – Enjoy!

Let’s Take Some Time For Carly!

Sometimes, do you ever just find yourself thinking that it would be nice to take some time out of your crazy day and devote it to Carlytime?  Well today is your lucky day.  Because this post is all about Carly, and is filled to the brim with Carlytime!

What is ‘Carlytime’ you ask?  It’s a time where all is well with the world, a place where her smile will brighten up your day and a state of being that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a happy in your heart!  And even though this statement has not been approved by the FDA, I’m pretty sure it’s good for your health.

So it sounds to me like a little bit of Carlytime would be good for all of us!  But before we start it up, let’s take a moment to give MuchLove to Carly for being so incredibly awesome to work with, and to all my Peeps of Blog doing those crazy things that you do – Enjoy!

Get Down Now It’s Spencer!

The wheels of the Otis & James Bullet Train (we’ve upgraded from the old jalopy that we used to have) keep on turning and the next stop on this tour of whatever it is that we do (I think it’s pictures but I’m easily confused) is with the one & only Spencer!  My friends.  I come to you today with the news that there was this day and there was this time and there was an intersection of the Spencer and the o to the j and the results, my dear dear friends, were wonderful.

But all of these words, what is the point if there aren’t any samplesnaps to back up the statements that I’m making.  So I will now leave this world of tippytappying on the Keyboard of Otis (it’s solid gold and sits on a mountaintop) and will now send MuchLove to Spencer for giving us a little bit of his time, and to all my peeps out there in Blogville doing what they can to hold on to every last drop of summer that we have – Enjoy!

Hey Now…It’s Irelyn!

What do you think…should we just forget all of the dumb words that I would put at the top of one of these blog posts and instead just get right to the point, and the point being that we are here to take a look at the sampleseniorsnaps of the oh so lovely Irelyn and that our time with her was magical and fantastical and we wish that every day could be this awesome but it would be like if you ate pizza for every meal at first it sounds like the best idea ever but then you don’t appreciate them as much as you used to before the 24/7/365 pizza diet that your on and then your whole universe falls apart and so we understand that every day can’t be a Irelyn day but we are so happy that we had one day that was a Irelyn day and we will cherish it!  What do you say, forgo that part?

While I’m waiting for your answer let’s take a moment to give MuchLove to Irelyn for being wonderful and for stopping by the o to the j, and let’s also take one quick second to remind all of you peeps out there in Blogland that you are lovely, and to – Enjoy!

Wait.  What just happened.