Heidi & Matthew!

If I were to be a teacher, and I were to give you an assignment, and the assignment was to give me the definition of the word ‘goodness’, and you would have to do it with visual imagery only, and you could only choose four images, and these four images had to capture all that is good and wonderful with the world, and show love, and joy, and happiness, and you had only twenty seconds to do this, and all you had in front of you was your laptop, and you were freaking out because you hate pressure, and there’s just so much out there on the Internet to choose from, and how on Earth do you define a word via pictures, and what is up with having this twenty second deadline, and your mind is about to explode…relax.

All you would have to do is look at the pics below, and present them to the class.  You would get an A.  Because Heidi & Matthew are all of those things, and a little bit more.  Alright class…assignment over.  Time now to give MuchLove to this wonderful couple for stopping by studio and allowing us to pictograph them, and to all my happy little readers of blog sitting in front of your digital reader box on a day so fine – Enjoy!

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