O&JWYB v.1: The Breakfast Club

In ways similar to the John Hughes classic, this past Saturday morning the Otis & James Center for the follicularly (and I’m really sure that this is not a word) challenged (that would be Otis) came alive with the energetic souls of six lovely children (not to mention their respective entourages) for some super-fantastic Cousins Pix!

The good times rolled and rolled – plenty of laughs, just a few tears, and an awesome amount of total and complete awesom-osity! What I’m trying to say is we had a great time with this group, and we thank them for coming down to the studio. So, Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Very cute pictures of the Cousins! The individual ones are just too precious!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable pictures – I love the close up ones – do their personalities shine through or what??
    Otis and James – you did it again!!
    Does anyone know where you can get some frames in this town????


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