O&JWYB v.4: Shawn & Kayla

Guess what we did with this lovely couple.
No, we didn’t buy them a carmel covered apple.
And we didn’t lock them in the studio while James and myself went next door to 10 North Main for dinner.
There are many things that we didn’t do, but one big one that we did…are you ready…WE WENT OUTSIDE!

Finally!! After months of breathing the incense filled air in the studio, we ventured out of our winter cocoon, and the results were fantastic!

But it wasn’t just the weather that was totally rockin’ it up, it was this couple that took things up a notch, and then went up one more just for good measure. Dang. They were good. I’ll be real wit ya for a second (see how hip that was.) The combo between these two things (the outside and their hotness) was a killer combo, and we’d now just like to quit this crazy, crazy talk and move on to the proof – Enjoy!

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