McKinzey…Straight Up.

What else could we have expected other than her totally and completely owning her shoot? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang girl…you’re gonna hurt yourself in the brain if you keep this intense level of rockitude up.

As usual, much thanks for letting me wear your glasses (B-B-B Benny & The Jets Style), and for you faithful bloggerites out there – Enjoy!

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. my mom would like one of the between the legs ones in the smallest poster size and cnat wait to see all the proofs i love these ones but where is the BFF pic???? i bet it is in the collage haha thanks for everything i love them!!!!!

  2. Hey There McKinzy!

    I must say I was somewhat concerned when viewing the first 3 photos…Why so serious??? All I could think was that t something must be way wrong because the McKinzey I remember was not this somber. THEN I saw the last two photos WHEW! Now that’s more like it!!!

  3. kinzey totally awesome…i love the DECA wristband…haha and i love the one in the skirt with the leggins…they are all gorgeous just like you!!

  4. Your mom told me where to find your photos and I just love the one with the denim legs! That is sooooooooo you! Can’t wait for my whole brood to come from Fargo for your graduation–wouldn’t miss it!

  5. Hey Kinzey… can’t believe you are a senior… love the pictures!!! I must say I agree with CHA CHA… you are so serious on the first three pictures… you have thee most beautiful smile and teeth… I wish they could retake the first three pictures… they would be totally awesome… just like you!!!


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