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As I sit here at the keyboard of Otis (it’s a special brand from Apple that is only available to me, suckas) and I reflect upon the wonderful day that was had today, I think that I should do something wonderful.  Like, write a poem.  Or get on the roof of the studio (studes, for short) and play the lute as the last light of the day disappears into the night sky, or do an interpretive dance.  But seeing as how whenever I write a poem it seems like it was written by a five year old that watches too many soap operas, I don’t own a lute or wouldn’t even know where to procure one if my life depended on it – and I can’t play it either, and that dancing is not what you would ever want to call one of my ‘strong points’, I am left in a little bit of a quandary.  And then…BAM!  It hits me!  I know what I can do that will be the perfect way to end the day!

And what is this, you ask?  Well, it’s by taking a look at the absolutely fantastic senior portraits of the oh so, so, so lovely Alexandra!  There is no reason why I need to hold on to these pics any longer – they need to be out there for all of you to lovingly gaze upon, because they are so wonderfully beautiful!  So I’m not going to hold on to them any longer – I’m ready to bust them out, for all of you lovely peeps to lovingly gaze upon as well!

But before we get to the good part where we look at the samplesnaps, we gotta take a second here and thank Alexandra for coming to the FunCenter from oh so far away!  We offer up a huge MuchLove to for doing so!  Oh, and to all my lovely peeps out there in The Land of Blog sitting in front of your digiboxes looking at the interwebz – Enjoy!

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