Wowzies! It’s Amber & Brandon!

You see what I did right there?  I put two exclamation points in the title of this post.  I’ve taken this thing to the breaking point of punctuation, and for good reason, I might add.  And that reason, you might ask?  Well, I might say, that reason is that we had the goodlygreat pleasure of working with the supercouple that is known as Amber & Brandon!

They strolled on into our studio on a day that wasn’t not all that long ago (what is time, really?) for the purpose of getting some wonderful engagement pictures taken!  Lucky for them, we had just got our camera out of the pawn shop, so we were able to take their pictures!  I kid – we got it out of pawn at least a day before (DUBZ LOLZ!)

We had a most wonderful time working with them, and can not wait until the big day – and I’m not talking about my birthday either (even though that day is pretty awesome.)  So, sit back & relax as we give MuchLove to this wondrous couple, and get ready to – Enjoy!

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