The Fall of Sai…uhhh…Minot.

There’s a great scene in Goodfellas about being followed by a helicopter. Well, I guess that we have to leave the embassy now – we’ll be in touch.

The following taken from the office window – thank God they’re clean.

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Otis and James,
    I was a little disappointed when I saw your website. Why? Well maybe you don’t realize it, but there are no picutres of me. But then I saw the ‘QT Playa’ props and then I was ok. Your office looks very nice. You’ve done a lottttttt of work since I first saw it. I think I like it better this way. Bye!!!!!!

    p.s. i was kidding, your website looks good.

  2. I love it when there’s a comment on a five year old post, and your welcome. Thank you for trying to not make me look like a crazy hobo…even though I’m not doing too good of a job right now.


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