OJT2K5.2 . For Jim

We had grand intentions of spending the night in St. Cloud, but there was no room for us (something about some athletic events and country music – big weekend for the area.) We did manage time to stop by a relic of the past, Loso’s Main Street Pub, in St. Joseph.

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In another life, in another time. Let’s raise a toast the the Electric Bridge, and to Balls of Steel. Keep the dream alive!

That’s it for this cryptic post.
Otis Out

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By otis

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  1. J. Kole: “OK guys ready?…… One… Two… Three… hey……where’s Lux?”

    M. Bieri (AKA The General): “He went to that hippie sub shop around the corner”

    J. Kole: “Screw it, where’s my Boon’s Farm? It’s time for a 45 min. instrumental!”

    M. Bieri: (anxiously) “It’s in E, right?”

    J. Kole: (to himself) “the cane’s a-commin’ out tonight”


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