Back Home in Shoreview . OJT2K5.6

I had the pleasure of taking a trip back to the old hometown, Shoreview, for the Groom’s Dinner of my great friends Troy & Deb. It was the good ol’ days all over again. A hot summer day on Turtle Lake Road – for one night only I was 18 again.

The dinner was great – the company even better. It was great to commune with these friends I so rarely see. I ended the night with making amends with the family of one of my dear friends, Aisling. Previous to this night, my last encounter with the family occured with me face down in the snow after a morning and eventually evening of far too many Bloody Mary’s. Needless to say, not a great lasting impression to give. But on this muggy night, 10 or so years later I found myself in their kitchen, and any memories of old vanished. My Irish Family, I thank you for taking me back!

Here are some images from the night – enjoy!

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  1. Matt and Jamie,
    To my surprise I was just going to send an email thanking you for everything when I found the photos on the Blog! They are amazing!! You two are amazing! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day or week for that matter. It would not have been the same if you weren’t there.
    We love you,


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