People. It’s Patricia!


You know when I’m throwing down the formal version of peeps, ‘people’ – that things are getting real real quick here in Land of Blog.  And the reason why things are getting so real so really quick is that we’re about ready to embark on a journey, a quest if you will…wait…I have no idea how to get out of this sentence with a lead up like that.  Let’s start over.

We’re about to take part in some superpictographic goodness that can only be described as the Senior Portrait Shoot Thing of the one & only Patricia!  You see, my dear friends, Patricia stopped by the Center for Fun (sometimes referred to as the ‘FunCenter’) and graced us with a little bit of her time on a day that wasn’t all that long ago but in reality probably was but this thing, this interweb thing is not about reality, it’s about perceived reception and creating something from nothing that is most often skewed far from reality.  But I digress.

Patricia stopped by, and the results were superfantastic!  But don’t take these silly words for it, just take a look at the samplesnap below. But wait!  Before you do that, we need to give MuchLove to Patricia for letting us be a part of her day and for letting us take some pictures, and we need to tell all you wonderful Peeps of Blog that live in my head and perhaps live in reality to – Enjoy!


By otis

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