Party Time! Layne! Yeah!


If you’re ever sitting in front of your computer like I am and am wondering just how you can jazz up the title of something that you are about to write, consider the exclamation point.  For example, I could have written this:  Party Time.  See?  That’s just freaking horrible.  It makes it seem like you’re going to go to a Chuck E. Cheese that hasn’t been cleaned in a few years (have any of them, really) and most of the animatronic characters are broken.  But then look at this:  Party Time!  Now it’s as if we are cruising the streets of Manhattan, ducking in and out of one trendy place to another.  Now I ask you – which sounds better?  Yeah.  You can thank the exclamation point.

You know who else you can thank?  You can thank Layne for stopping by the Otis & James on a day that was probably months ago and letting us take his supersweet senior snaps.  Yep.  You need to thank him for that, because he was awesome, and below these words is a happy picture that is going to make you happy.  And for that he needs thanking.  And he also needs us to send him MuchLove for being a part of the Otis & James, and all you groovy cats out there keepin’ it hip in Land of Blog – Enjoy!


By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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