Travis & Lisa

After the Super Donkey Ninja post, we took some much needed time away from all things blogy blog. Not that we were resting on our laurels, as we spent the weekend in Bismarck for the wedding of Travis & Lisa. Not only were we the photographers, but Lisa is the Aunt of our very own Jamie! It was an extravaganza of epic proportions, and what follows are some photographs of the event.

To give you some background, one of the photo’s is of the Bride & Grooom, one is of regular poster to the blog of Otis & James, Becca (with extra special guest Jessie), and one of the photographs is of the band that played at the reception (I have no idea what their name is, but they were really good – and the photo was taken by none other than guest Otis & James photographer and regular poster, REEEEZZZZBECKEEEES). Play the game with us and see if you can match the description to the photograph. Good Luck!

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UPDATE – Here’s a couple more!

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  1. This is defintley by far THE BEST blog posting ever. I won the game, but I won’t tell the answers. The wedding was a blast, and it was nice to watch Otis and James live. You two are good and have fun with what you do. LUCKY!…(that’s not that bad!)


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