Greetings from Devils Lake

This is being written in the Breakfast Bar of the Comfort Inn, Devils Lake. Why are we in Devils Lake, you may ask; the answer is that we photographed the wedding of Justin & Stacy. The wedding was in Langdon (click here for a map) – and we decided to go through devils lake back home. Long story short, we’re still in Devils Lake – so I decided to put up some pics from yesterdays big event.

We had a great time (we always seem to) – and really liked Langdon. The pictures (in no particular order) are from the big dance, there’s one of the cool Landon Theater marquee (it’s crazy the stuff you will find in small towns), and from when Jamie was convinced that our car was going to sink into the flooded field (I called it a lake) that we were observing. Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. I’m really glad your car didn’t sink. I would have missed you two if you went with it. The party looked like fun–too bad Becca Joy wasn’t there to make it better huh? Oh well, I can’t be everywhere all the time. Maybe next time.

    I really like the last picture. GOOD CAPTURE!!!!


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