This Just In: It’s Alex!

Did you notice how I did that.  I put that ‘this just in’ thing there, and then it made it seem like it was all super official news.  As if there was going to be a message from the Emergency Broadcasting System or something.  But it was a literary slight of hand, you see, because I got you hooked…HOOKED I say!

And now that I’ve got you on the hook, please allow me to give you the news, which is that we had the goodlygreat opportunity of working with the one & only Alex on a day that wasn’t really all that long ago.  And the reason for his visit to the FunCenter, you ask (actually, if you are still trying to figure out why it is that people stop by here you may have had a stroke and you should seek medical attention immediately) – well the reason was to get some sweetlysweet seniorsnaps taken!

Alex entered the octagon, and the battle began.  I don’t know what that means.  There was no octagon.  There was no battle.  He was just his pleasant & charming self, and was a breeze to work with.  And because of that we would like to give him a big ol’ MuchLove, and to you out there in your happy blog homes reading these words – Enjoy!

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