Once Again…It’s Haley!

Well hello there, my good Friends of Blog (FOB’s!)  It’s me again.  Your fearless leader.  Actually, I have quite a few fears and most of them are irrational, but this isn’t my therapy session, although this is much cheaper than my therapy session, but there’s no couch here.  Actually, I am lying.  We do have a couch here.  In fact, we have three.  Heck, all this talk of couches makes me want to take a nap, but now is not the time for such things!

As I was saying, well, I guess I really haven’t started saying anything yet, but as I was about to say, we’ve got some new sweetly pictosnaps to show you, and once again it’s the one & only Haley!  Now I know your probably sitting there in front of your computing devices thinking, ‘I’ve never seen Haley before, so how can it be once again?’ – and that would be a good observation.

I must admit, as your fearless leader (we’ll just keep calling me that regardless of what I said earlier) I have let you down.  There have been many pictures that have not made it up on to the blog – but that has changed.  I’m a new man.  Reformed.  Yep.  There will be no recidivism.  I say ‘once again’ because this past Summer we had the good pleasure of taking Haley’s Senior Portraits, and now she came back for just a li’l bit more – and this time she was just as awesome as the previous time, which was totally awesome, but you’ll have to take my word for it because I never put up samplesnaps from the previous time.  OK?

Alrighty!  Now that I have tied all of our minds into a pretzel, it is time for us to give Haley MuchLove for stopping by once again, and to you – my pretzel-minded people of blog – Enjoy!

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By otis

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