Wedding Flashbacks

Hello there, it’s me – your old friend Otis.  And I’m here today to tell you about an upcoming series of blog posts we are going to be putting up.  Now, with a title like ‘Wedding Flashbacks’, I’m sure some of you might be thinking that these posts will be some sort of therapy in which I delve into the corners of my mind to impart the dark & seedy stories that haunt me…from weddings.

But you would be wrong.  Instead, these posts are going to be flashbacks from last year (you know, that year when we kind of didn’t update the blog for about…oh…a year or so – but we don’t need to talk about that now) – from all of the lovely weddings we had the honor of participating in.

Also, these posts will be a pre-cursor to when we jump back into the swing of the 2011 wedding season – kind of a way to get you all amped up for the goodness that awaits us this summer!  So, with that out of the way, keep an eye out for these flashbacks (you’ll be able to tell because they will be posted in the category ‘wedding flashback’) and feel free to leave comments, as these couples are all coming up on their one-year anniversaries!



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