TBWMYFO v.12 :: The Family Hansen Edition!

Hollaback patrons of the bliggity blog! We’re on a non-stop journey to the center of all things worthy of melting one’s face off here in BlogLand. Some may wonder where exactly BlogLand is. It’s hard to put into words. Most cartographers would say “between here and there” or “over the river and through the woods” or “this way and that way” and surprisingly one scholar even said “17 South Main Street.”

But he obviously had the FunCenter confused with BlogLand and is no longer a scholar and now works writing fictitious maps for treasure hunt novels. Anywho.

Speaking of maps, if the blog had a map, then The Family Hansen would be X marks the spot! They were a joy to work with and we got some superblyspectacularshots in the process! So, a big shout to the Family Hansen for stopping by, as for the rest of you out in BlogLand… Enjoy!

All Content ©2007 Otis & James Photography

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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