TBWMYFO v.13 :: The Family Deaver Edition!

People of th blog rejoice! If we’re planning on melting your faces off with some snaps!, then the Family Deaver is no exception! It’s always a bucket of blogalicious joy when we get the honor to post los fotos as they say in Spain, of a family that looks this good!

If the Family Deaver was to… say… be a cut of beef, we’d like to think of them as a “top sirloin.” (Then again, sirloin can be a silly word in itself… what exactly does a sirloin look like? I’d like to think it looks like a T-Bone steak, but that’s a T-Bone steak — not a top sirloin.) So, if “top sirloin” is too ambiguous a term for how the Family Deaver rocked the rock and melted our very own faces off, then let me clarify with a simple statement —

They came. They rocked. They conquered.

There. That should clear things up (notice how no beef was involved whatsoever). And if I’ve turned you away from meat for the time being, my apologies. Perhaps this is the blog post meant to temporarily bring together every meat-eater, vegetarian, and vegan out there (but it actually isn’t, this is simply our chance to show you how much fun it was to work with the Deavers)! Now, go forth and experience what I’ve been trying to get to ever since I uttered “top sirloin.”


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