TBWMYFO v.14 :: The Clay Edition! …Well…With Mom & Dad Too!

Sometimes I sit here at my desk and wonder. What I wonder about… I’m not sure. Sometimes I count my robots… let’s see… there is Orlace Hanes [the official robot of Otis & James]. Then there is Arlace Janes [the official girlfriend of Orlace Hanes]. Once in a while there is Photis Lames [the official arch enemy of Orlace Hanes] but we don’t like to talk about him all that much. He was banished to the timebox, and for those of you that don’t know what a timebox equipped with lasers is… too bad. But there is one robot that holds an even more special of a place in my heart: The Pterydactl Firebird. Some of you out there in BlogLand may be wondering “what in the gosh golly darn world of Blog is a Pterydactl Firebird?!” (that was the PG edition of what was going through your heads). It is for that reason that I am here — to enlighten you on the Pterydactl Firebird.

MMPR S1: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1. Of course you all know that the five teenagers Jason, Zach, Trini, Billy and Kimberly were all chosen by the old sage Zordon to protect earth from the evil witch Rita Repulsa. What you may not know is that whenever Rita’s monsters weren’t strong enough to defeat the Power Rangers, she would get this look in her eye and cry out “Magic Wand! Make my monster grow!” And then she’d throw it towards Earth (she was on the moon) and the wand would open a crevace in the ground and fog and magic would rise up and the monster would grow. SO, the Power Rangers (almost every single episode) would have to call upon their Dinozords. Dinozords were colossal assault vehicles that when mounted together, all became the Megazord. Season 2 came along with a new arch enemy, Lord Zedd. He was much more powerful a villain than his predecessor, so the Megazord needed an upgrade. (Some have said that the MegaDragonzord would have been powerful enough, but Dragonzord wasn’t even around so that debate is for another day.) Thus, the Thunderzords were born. Details are sketchy, but a bolt of lightning would zap each zord and it would shift shapes into a Thunderzord. For example, the Red Ranger would yell “We need Dinozord power, now! (dramatic pause) Tyranosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord Power!” The original Tyranosaurus Dinozord would appear walking toward the battle, but then the lightning would strike and it would become the Red Dragon Thunderzord… more powerful and such. All the Thunderzords would combine and create the Thundermegazord. As you can probably guess, the Pterydactl was zapped into a Firebird and therefore was the Pterydactl Firebird Thunderzord. Well, you probably think that it is the coolest thing in the world and will be proud to know that I have a replica of the Pterydactl Firebird on my desk.

Whoa. I love it, and as you can tell I wonder about it a great deal.

Anywho! One thing I don’t have on my desk is a tractor. Tractors are neat and green and good. Luckily, our new friend Clay TOTALLY BROUGHT a tractor with him when he came for snaps! Let me just say that I was impressed, and nobody can drive a tractor like Clay. We probably should give a shout out to Mom & Dad too (they most likely bank rolled the tractor). With that said, there is only one word left —


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