Darling Hope!

HopeI don’t think I’ve ever used the word ‘darling’ in the title of one of these things, but there always has to be a first for something, I guess. Some words are buzz words that go in and out with the years.  For example, I believe the smart people at Oxford Dictionaries have declared ‘selfie’ to be their 2013 word of the year – it was between that and ‘twerk.’  Thank God selfie won.  The point of all this is that words may come in and out of fashion.  A word that is buzzy & catchy one year may find itself dusty and outdated in another year.  Think of all the poor portrait studio’s from the 1980’s named ‘RAD Photography!’ or ‘Totally Awesome Snaps!’ or the studios in the 1990’s that were called ‘Whatever Photography’ – at the time, pretty rad/awesome/whatever, but now….meh.  And I guess now we could have ‘…Meh’ Photography (Google it…it’s there.)

But here’s the deal.  Words come and go.  Catch phrases are cool than not (no soup for you.)  But something that is timeless is somebody like Hope!  Her effervescent personality lit up our lives for the short time she was with us for her senior pictosnaps (that word is an o&j original and I’m sticking with it until the end of time thank you very much) and that time was all to short & sweet.  But we will always have the pics to remind us of what once was…

But enough of all this sentimentality, what we really need to do is give Hope MuchLove for stopping down to the o&j and for being such a gem to work with, and we need to tell all you good people out there in Land of Blog to – Enjoy!


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