My First Post

Hello everyone this is Jamie, making my debut on the blog. Matt is the one who initially came up with the idea for the blog (I think it’s because he loves to hear himself talk). I thought the blog was a crazy idea, I thought it was dorky and I thought no one would ever read it, but I was wrong. Now I love the blog.

Jason and Sean stopped by the office today – but let me back up to last night when Jason was supposed to come at 8:00 with his viola, ready to take some pictures. He came at 8:45 and with no viola. It was alright because we got a few things done anyway. We rescheduled for today at 3:30, and I told him “Don’t be late!”

He was not late. He was right on time. I on the other hand was fast alseep in my bed, yes at 3:30 in the afternoon. (I had a late night) Thank goodness Matt was there, he got some great shots of Jason playing his viola. I have not seen Jason yet, but when I do, I will not hear the end of this.

I would also like everyone to know that Jason has a recital coming up and this is an event you won’t want to miss! He is an incredibly hardworking and talented musician and will be performing some truly amazing peices of music. Here is the information.

Tuesday March 29, 2005
7:30 in the evening
Ann Nicole Nelson Hall
Minot State University

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