Good Morning Day-Trippers

Taken out the car window from the drive back to Minot from our day-trip to Bismarck yesterday. We had a fun shoot – special thanks to Jeanne and Andrea for all of their hard work!

(For the true effect, we should have used a disposable camera for this ‘out the window’ shot – my homeslices at Rainbow Photo will know what I’m talkin’ about)

otis out

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4 thoughts on “Good Morning Day-Trippers”

  1. Oh yeah, just got one of those in today……..Rainbow misses Otis and James, place hasn’t seen a good sweep and mop party since you left……….*sigh*

  2. Oh I love disposible camera pictures. But I love sweep and mop parties better. You always knew it would be a clean day at Rainbow when you walk in the food court door and smell bleach….

  3. I’m a little late on this one – but sweep and mop parties?

    Oh yeah – it has been a long time hasn’t it?!

    And about those out the window pictures with dispoable cameras – a true art – can’t be produced any other way.

    Do you see what digital cameras have ruined?

  4. Only the photo lab cats from the rainbow know of these parties. I am a late employee to the lab, but understand everything being talked about. The disposable camera out the window shot, and the photo 1 class beer bottle in dirt shots are among my favorites. (it symbolizes the pain and anger that our world goes through.) I need to leave because the D-lab.2 is making very strange noises andd there is a paper jam.
    -Peace out


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