Happy Mother’s Day!

From the files of the truly odd, our Mother’s Day experiences have so far been a strange one. It started at 8AM at a local restaurant, we were to meet the parents of Otis for breakfast. Shortly after we arrived, we found ourselves in an episode of COPS, as four of Minot’s Finest were joined by a Ward County Sherrif in the apprehension of a fellow early morning diner. After some tense moments in the restaurant, the incident ended peacefully, and the man was escorted out (albeit in handcuffs).

On our way home, we came upon this scene –

:: click image for larger ::

Even though we had a great time at breakfast, I’m willing to guess that there are at least two people in the town that had a pretty crappy start to the day. Well, whether your in jail, or swimming from your car, or sitting in the comfort of your home, Happy Mother’s Day (especially to Erma & Bonnie)!

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  1. All I have to say is that if I still had my jeep, you know that would have been me!


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