Shaun & Meg

Otis & James had the pleasure of to company of Shaun & Meg, et. al. today. It was a Friday wedding. Friday weddings always wreak havoc on my internal clock, as I am so programmed into thinking that if there is a wedding, it must be Saturday. Then I will go on thinking that Saturday is Sunday, and on Sundy wonder why nobody is at work – where have all the people gone? – that kind of stuff.

Friday weddings are great, though, because you are not compteting with everybody else that is getting married. Shaun & Meg were the main event, and that was it. Well, enough of this digression, and let me tell you that we had a wonderful time working with the couple and their family over the last few months (a big shout-out to our friend Penny – aka the ‘Dancing Machine’), and we thank them for making the day so enjoyable. Alright, alright, enough blabbing and on with the pics – Enjoy!

All Imgages ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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  1. Awesome pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest…they really captured the candid moments of the day/night and the obvious love between Meg & Shawn!

    Congrats again!


  2. Just so it’s clear, Otis & James rule hardcore!
    I want to see more! I think the group shot, and the one of Meg & Shaun looking over their shoulder are my faves!

  3. I love the pink you picked for the bridesmaids! Everyone looks so happy! Congrats…From the looks of it you had a blast. May you live Happily Ever After!


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